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Post Date : 22 Jan 2023 02:13 PM
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Newry Pool League Update. Here we are at the deciding end of the league season. The teams making top four in each Division are now confirmed. It has been a battle to the end, just to get into the top four. With teams only focusing on that and that alone. The teams that ran so close will be disappointed but can be proud of good results and helping to make each Division very competitive. In the Premier, Trainors A lost out on the last match of the season to Quarter Bar, who nearly missed the boat and put themselves in a precarious position by losing to Whitecross the week before. It all went down to the wire but the top four teams, who will play in the playoffs are, Pat Brady’s Different Strokes who gain home advantage against the aforementioned Quarter Bar. CWC A (who were put to the sword by Pats team, on the last game, and with only five players, I’m told), will play Paddy Tavey’s dark horses, Dans Bar. CWC A captain Liam Bradley, likes to analyse his opponents a little, but I’m not talking about Dans Bar, he’s not analysing Dans Bar, Liams eye is on Different Strokes, that’s who CWC A see as their only threat in the league, whether he admits that or not. Is it a foregone conclusion Different Strokes will reach the finals night and go on to lift the Premier Title? Jamie Lavelle’s Quarter Bar will play with ease and under no pressure, Different Strokes would do well not to take them lightly. Will CWC A write Paddy’s Dans team off. Well yes, they will. Are they right to? Time will tell. The First Division sees the Hustlers on top and deservedly so. They will play at home to St Monnina, who Hustlers drew with, last game of the league. A game that actually didn’t stand to mean much, and Hustlers were safely in the top two, and the only team who could have forced a playoff with Conor McQuaids Killeavey men, are the talented but somewhat erratic CWC B. CWC B, however, just managed a draw, (despite CWC B knowing McGuigans last two players down on the match sheet, where not present and unlikely to get a private jet to the match) They failed to take hold of that opportunity and lost out by two points. CWC B will be formable opponents in the Charity Cup, if they can regroup and bond a bit better, somehow I just don’t see that happening. So Hustlers will play St. Monnina, a team that in the last two seasons, have beaten Hustlers twice, all be it, the Hustlers team has changed personnel since the mentioned, Monnina wins, it will be tough this one will go to the wire. The Kileavey men will be confident and strong and if Hustlers bottle it, they will be sunk. The McGuigans team, will face Paul Murphys, Bears, with quality players in their side, Bears have been like a Boa Constrictor, keeping their head down, gliding slowly along, ready to pounce on their over confident opponents. They comfortably made the playoff but lose home advantage, but they won’t be too concerned with that, playing on a better table in McGuigans than their own, will only help players like Eugene McDermot and Garry Powell, Raphael Crummy and the Heaney’s will plot the downfall of Marty Conroys men and want to keep the match tight, hoping in the end, to deliver the final tightening crush and squeeze the life out of Skippy, Gerald and Diddles. Pat Byrne, Paul McArevy, Noel Bradley, Bud Flanagan and Seamy Rooney, will all be looking to play a big part in the match but will Marty Conroy, give a game to all the men who helped the team get to the top two spot or will he go for glory and let his star men double up on games, and play twice. It’s a hard one and everyone wants to share in the reward of playing in a match they fought hard to reach. The decision is Marty’s or will there be mutiny and Skippy demand the team sheet. The Bears will be tightly hugging the grapevine, listening out for enemy chatter, if they spot disorientation they will strike hard and leave McGuigans floundering. This time next week, we will know. The Division Two situation is actually hard to believe, before Thursday match Millvale were in the top 4, with two points in the bag through a bye in the last game, there was nothing more they could do. Foresters simply had to lose to the strong Nifty Fifty’s and lose out on fourth spot. . Ruairi Whites team simply dumped the script, beat Aidan Griffins team and leap frogged into third, dooming the Millvale men to fifth. John Magees Bosco have been the golden boys, navigating the murky waters and staying clear of any potential threats to their dominance as Division leaders. They will play Nifty Fifty’s and with a strong rivalry brooding, how this match starts and who gets the best start will probably determine the winner. Trainors B are definitely a team Bosco, Niftys and their playoff opponent Foresters will be watching closely. They have got better as the league progressed and Paddy Crimmons men will be a real tough opponent for Hugh, John, Kieran and the lads. I just can’t see Foresters winning. I have been wrong before. The Charity Cup games, which take place on the same night as the playoffs, sees Trainors A (if they can pull together after their recent top four disappointment) play Whitecross, a game Mick Feenan says is a walkover for Whitecross, the player who claims to have only lost three games this year, reckons Whitecross are far to good for Trainors A and the league table is not true of the quality in Whitecross. Micky Ohanlon reckons Micky Feenan is the best player - in the Feenan house and didn’t write Trainors (Tommy Mooney, Kieran Hanna and the two Marks along with Jim Bradley, Gus Hughes and Barry McAllister) off, saying they are a quality side but might be there for the taking as Trainors must travel. Ballyholland who have had a bad league this year have one last chance at redemption, as they face the CWC B. This is a hard one to call. Ballyholland have the players if they turn up but with Mike Nugent and Cailim McParland, Barry Kelland and Tommy Rooney among the quality players that make up the W.M team, the Ballyholland team will have their work cut out. Nans Rams will face St Monnina B and Malachy Maguire’s men should get over the line, although Pete Donnelly and Tony McGuiness will not hand them it on a plate. Dromintee face their neighbours Murphys and this will be an interesting one. Sheila Johnson and Pat Quinn will hope their top players can compete, I am not sure if Paddy McCann is available but he certainly is a match winner. Dromintee have moved forward in leaps and bounds, they missed out on a top 4 spot but put it up to a lot of teams, John Daly will be hoping Anthony Reynolds makes himself available and players like Kevin Kelly, Micheal, Ronan and John will all play a role. The reward is to reach and play in the final, a match in front of a full house on The awards Night, which will be held on Friday, April 7th in Newry Foresters. Good luck to you all. It’s all a bit of craic!
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The Premier Division: Three teams have secured a place in the playoffs - Dans Bar, CWC A and Different Strokes - the last place will be decided in two weeks time when Trainors A travel to their neighbour Quarter Bar. The First Division: Hustlers have topped the League and cannot be any lower than first place, McGuigans are safe by a mile in second, Bears on 24 and two ahead of St Monnina may look safe but will need to win their last game against Nans Rams to be sure. That leaves 4th spot and down to the last game - St Monnina two ahead of CWC B with a last match against top-of-the-table Hustlers, will be keeping one eye on Cwc B who plays a safe and not concerned McGuigans. Should Hustlers win and at home CWC B, beat McGuigans, it's all level and a playoff will be required. Second Division: Bosco B are safe at top, Nifty Fiftys on 24 in second place may feel safe but if you look at third and fourth place at present, going into the last game. Trainors B are on 23 and play Murphys last game. Foresters are on 22 and play Niftys in the last game -(if Foresters were to win, they would be on equal points as Niftys) Millvale are on 21 and have a bye in the last so actually, they are on 23 and leapfrog Niftys at present. This means it all boils down to the last game and Millvale has to wait and see as they can do no more. If going on form the results go as expected - Niftys beat Foresters and Trainors beat Johnny Murphys, Millvale pick up their two points it will end - Bosco Top, Nifty Fifty second, Trainors B third and Millvale fourth - with Foresters departing!
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Post Date : 28 Oct 2022 12:25 PM
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Next week, we start the Individual competition, with every division involved. The League Table standings show Different Strokes topping the Premier by 3 clear points (24) , having won all matches, not even a draw, and are in every competition! What a team. Can anyone beat them? Hustlers from the first Division came close in the Cup but close isn't good enough. As Bernie Magee said to Kevin from Hustlers that night as the game headed to the final frame ' Are you getting excited Kevin? don't bother! This turned out to be accurate as Different class - Different Strokes, through Harvey Lavelle, brought it home. Cwc A are second on 21points and safe for the play offs, as are Paddy Taveys, Dans bar team on 18 and 6 clear of the following two teams Quarter Bar on 12 and Trainors A on 11. These two teams, Trainors and Quarter Bar, interestingly have two games left, Trainors A are at home v Ballyholland, and Quarter Bar are away to Whitecross, (going by the previous form they both should pick up 2 points and sit exactly as they are now), Quarter Bar 1 point ahead of Trainors, which leaves the final match of the league an all or nothing game. A game Jamie Lavelle knows a draw would be enough to get them into the playoffs. So Kieran Hanna, Tommy Lavelle, Mark Trainor, Mark McSherry, Paul 'Gus' Hughes and Jim Bradley with another couple of lads Collie McLaughlin and Bob Mathers who hasn't been seen in a while, at least on the score sheets, need to pull the stops out and fight out a win! Whitecross and Ballyholland are out of the playoffs but can still dictate what happens with the next two games and going by last nights cards they both were just edged out in their matches with Trainors A (Whitecross) and Dans Bar (Ballyholland). So its all still to play for! If things go to script and the two teams do draw, they will face each other a second time to see who goes through to the playoffs. The first Division sees Hustlers on top (29) to McGugans (27) and safe for the playoffs. The next three teams, Bears (22) , St Monnina A (22) and CWC B (20) are all fighting for a place in their Division playoffs. Bears face CWC B and even if they lose, still look favourite to grab third place, as they play Nans in their last game leaving the fight between Monnina A and Cwc B an interesting one. Cwc B does need to pick up two points off the Bears or McGuigans to have any chance with Monnina A playing McGuigans and Hustlers last two games, which means if Monnina loses their two games and Cwc B beat Bears they will force a playoff with Monnina A to see who gets to the last four! All very confusing but it all adds to the craic! The second Division is as tight as the first with Bosco B (26) followed by Nifty Fifty (22), Trainors B (22) Millvale and Foresters on 20 each. So who will make the play offs? Bosco look secure as do the next tow Niftys and Trainors B, the fight seems to be between Millvale and the Foresters, both level on points and pushing for that fourth place. Their two last games, Foresters play St Monnina B and the Nifty Fiftys, with Millvale at home to Trainors B and having a bye in their last. So it might all boil down to Trainors B and Millvale but that means Foresters have to beat Niftys. Time will tell. My predictions: Premier League 1. Different Strokes 2 CWC A 3 Dans 4. Quarter Bar First Division: 1. Hustlers 2. McGuigans 3. Bears 4. St Monnina Second Division: 1. Bosco B 2. Nifty Fifty 3. and 4, Play off between Millvale and Trainors B for 3rd and 4th place. Next week is the Individuals 3/11/2022 and we will try to get something wrote up before then...
Post Date : 04 Oct 2022 09:13 AM
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Hustlers almost produced a miraculous result when the Division 1 side took  unbeaten  Premier League leaders Different Strokes to a decider in the Cunningham Cup. Little old Hustlers with seasoned campaigners Kevin Magee & Cathal McCoy have a tight camp and are shaping up nicely for promotion to the Premier Division while  Different Strokes have a 100% record with perennial winners such as Pat Brady, Paddy Clarke & Harvey Lavelle. Add in multiple South Armagh individuals winner and Irish International Paul Kelly and you have a devastating potting juggernaut! Niall McVerry has the Rolls Royce cue action but he's not always been the most consistent when the pressure is on. Willie Brown is certainly one of the players that Hustlers will have targeted, and the fluent McVerry came up trumps to put the hosts 1 - 0 up. Paddy Clarke restored parity with a sublime performance against Hustlers talisman Kevin Magee. 1 - 1. Former Trainors star player Sean Murray should fear no player and this talented cueist took out the attacking, former Newry Singles runner-up, Raymie McKenna and the Hustlers dared to dream. 2-1. Different Strokes who play out of Carrickcruppen Social Club steamed ahead taking the next 3 Pair matches to lead 4-2. 1 more frame and it was a semi-final to plan for. Paddy Clarke & Harvey Lavelle oozed class and composure when they toppled Cathal McCoy & Kevin Magee, although it went to the wire as Magees final ball cross, hugged the middle pocket but would not drop. Niall McVerry & Sean Murray had the skills but not the luck and Stephen Gorham with the youthful Bernie Magee edged it. Dee Kearney was out of sorts with Gary McLoughlin. The misfiring duo fell to Willie Brown & Paul Kelly as Different Strokes hit their groove. When Pat Brady went shopping for new talent for his team he didn't go to the Pound Store. He shopped Harrods style and acquired one of the best in the country. Paul Kelly is proper Ferrari-style shopping list stuff but it was the techno-wizard Cathal McCoy stormed to the finish line sinking the last of his yellows and a pressure black and it was game on. 4-3. Tucker Hughes realistically had no chance against Pat Brady. A betting man would be looking very long odds on an upset but the joy of pool and especially 1 framer - it gives the outsiders a chance. Tucker was in superb form and after some brilliant pool he stunned the traveling Different Strokes and the Premier Division leaders were looking down the barrel of their 1st defeat of the season. 4-4. It was all down to the wire as Dee Kearney and Harvey Lavelle would battle it out for a place in the last 4. Harvey had the harder ball set and Damien looked like he was all set for a famous victory against his ex-Armagh teammate. Hustlers held their breath as Dee's cue action started to twitch and boy did it twitch. It was a pressure cooker time and just when you needed a calm head, Kearney imploded and Lavelle was on hand to mop up for a highly uncomfortable 5-4 win for Different Strokes.  The Premier side will know they dodged a bullet and will be well glad to see the back of this formidable Hustlers side. Different Strokes will be joined by CWC A, Indo, and Trainors A in the semi-final draw.
Post Date : 20 Sep 2022 04:36 PM
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Just a quick message to update you on the latest with Newry Pool League. The League has reached halfway. we have already had our first games of the second half and a lot is taking shape. In the Premier League, Different Strokes are like a different team. Yet to register a loss or even a draw for that matter, they really are a top-class team. Will anyone beat them this year? On Thursday coming they face Trainors A. A hard task for Trainors made harder with them traveling across the road to 'Cruppen and the lion's den. Top four in the Premier League is not yet a forgone conclusion, as Diff. Strokes top the league followed by CWC. A, three points behind and the brilliant Dans Bar team who have some top players, coming next. The battle for fourth seems to be between Jamie Lavelles Quarter Bar and Kieran Hannas, Trainors A - hard to call but Jamie has the edge at the moment. Whitecross, Ballyholland have not matched the others but to their credit, they are hanging in there and remember are playing a higher standard than all the 18 teams below them. The first Division is a real race, with McGuigans topping the league and probably favourites, with Gerard McGuigan, Marty Conroy, Skippy Morgan, and Pat Byrne their live wires and also not to forget Damian Bud Flanagan, who has pulled them out of a few holes this year. Hustlers are just behind McGuigans and although a good team, they have lost to two of the middle of the table teams and will be a bit wary of the coming games. With players like Niall McVerry, Kevin Magee, and Sean Murray, they are a formable outfit and not many will be looking to play them if they make the playoffs. Bears, Cwc b, and Monnina A are all fighting close behind and when the top four is decided, someone is going to just lose out by a few points. Expect the pressure to grow as the remaining fixtures are fulfilled. The Divison two race is very close as well but John Magees Bosco B is still unbeaten in the league and ahead by four on the very good Millvale. Nifty Fifty and Foresters along with Trainors B are all shouting for a place in the top four! Talking about the top four. The team that tops their Division will play the fourth-placed team and the team that comes second will play the third-placed team, with the higher-placed teams getting home advantage for the semi-final. The committee has decided, with help and sponsorship from Newry Foresters, to have a finals night in which the three division finalist will play off all on the same night, in the Foresters. That's six of the top teams in their respective Divisions, battling it out for their League Title. This same night, the awards for other winners will be presented and we hope to make it an enjoyable night for all. Please download the latest App from the Apple or play store - search for ‘Newry Pool League’ and enjoy your pool. Best Regards, The Pool Committee If anyone wants added to the Pool whatsapp group just reply.
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Three-man Pool Competition on Thursday 4th and 11th August. Maximum players per team - 4 (minimum required to play games is 3 people) cost of entry £15 per team of three - 4th player an extra £5. Rules - 6 games - no player can play more than 2 unless it is 3-3 at end of 6 frames - then a deciding frame which will be played as a scotch doubles pairs game. All games 20 minutes then black ball fight. 1 minute rule applies. Results posted APP. Venues and more information after final number of teams are available after the closing date of August 1st. All player must be registered Newry Pool League players and all teams must come from players out of your own team.
Post Date : 14 Apr 2022 02:54 PM
The first League fixtures are over and it's too early to discern who will win their respective divisions. Whitecross gave the Newry League newbies, Keady Sharks a run for their money in what was a close game. Keady came out on top at 7 to 5 and Micky Ohanlon, Martin O'Callaghan, and Alan Burke are thinking of turning their minds to cutting silage and spreading the dung because there is no joy in coming out on the losing side in the pool when you think you have it won. It was tit for tat from the start, one game to Whitecross, one to Keady, right up until game number 7, because after Martin O'Callaghan won for 'Cross, leaving them ahead, with a score 4 to 3, they didn't think they would get pulled back by Keady. They did and out of the next 5 Games, only Micky O'Hanlon won for 'Cross. Shane McQuillan twice, Gerry Finnegan, Noel Vallely, and Captain Eddie McCallion took the points home and put the disastrous result against Different Strokes in the Cup behind them. Whitecross needs the two Phelans back to just get them over the line, with the rest of Whitecross players more than fit for a top 4 finish. Different Strokes, had an impressive win against Ballyholland, winning 10 to 2 with just Jim McMahon and Robbie White winning for the Ballyholland men. Different Strokes led by Pat Brady as captain have signed top players, rumour has it Pat paid all the transfer money and flys them in every week, landing on Carricruppen football field with a Chinook after picking up his players from Drogheda and Dundalk and making a dash for the border. The heat is on between CWC A and Different Strokes to see who will win the Premier - the question is, can any of the local pub team lads put a spanner in the works. Only time will tell and on the look of the first two games played, Different Strokes are a serious force and it is rumoured Liam Bradleys CWC A are not looking forward to playing them. We received a request to allow Declan Brennan to play 6 times, this was turned away immediately. Ballyholland need to regroup and understand that Pats team, is not the standard they will face every week. Different strokes won with Willie Brown, Stephen Gorham, Harvey Lavelle, Pat Brady, Paul Kelly, and Paddy Clarke. Jim McMahon and Robbie white, smiled the whole way home when they took a game of Harvey Lavelle and Paddy Clarke, respectively. Trainors A lost 5 to 7 to Paddy Taveys Dans Bar. The game was a derby game and could have gone either way. Dans stalled after getting into a 4 to 1 lead but this was only temporary as Oran Keenan and Paddy Tavey got them to 6 - 2. It was there that Trainors showed a bit of bottle and narrowly lost out on a draw, with valiant efforts from Jamie Lavelle, Mark Trainor, and Jim Bradley left them one short. The other winner for Trainors was Tommy Mooney who won twice. Both teams have good player but the question now is, with Jamie Lavelle now forming his own team (Quarter Bar) is that going to be to the loss of Trainors A? Only time and a few more games will tell.
Post Date : 27 Mar 2022 07:05 PM
The Divison 1 is certainly a bit of an unknown, with a few teams who could claim they will be there are thereabouts at the end of the season but let us look at the favourites and the potential party poopers. McGuigan's on paper does look like the favourites, with Marty Conroy, Gerard McGuigan, Skippy Morgan, and Diddles McArdle all veteran players along with Pat Byrne and Paul McArevy. They are certainly going to be hard to beat. Hustlers are up next and they too look strong in a few players but have not filled their full quota of players. Maybe this was a tactic (only have seven players signed) that allows players a double chance on the night by being almost sure of two games. Sean Murray, Niall McVerry, and Kevin Magee are strong players but they will need the others to step up and pull them through if they want a realistic shot at the title. Bears is next up for analysis and they shout consistency on every level. Neil Heaney, Dermot Lonergan, Eugene McDermott, Raph Crummy will be ably assisted by Paul Murphy and co and definitely will not be afraid of McGuigans are any other would-be potential winner. The newly formed Magees bar, is another to watch with Stevie Noades and Paul Tuite, the stand out names, other names like Lowry and co are lesser-known but be sure the captain Garry Boyle will be shrewd with his choices and people like Anthony Morgan and himself can change the way a game is panning out. Dromintee has entered and again just needs to be seen and played against to see how good they are. John Daly leads them with Ant Reynolds and Connor McCormack confident on results. Bosco A with Eamon Hurley, Damien Brady, and Seany McCaul along with the super steady player, Darren Devlin will definitely be in the running, the unknown being the others in their team can blow hot and cold or just not turn up. Nans have a full squad and the wizard Andrew Chan is balanced with the smart and wiley Mark Pentony. Another great couple of players are, of course, Pat McClenaghan and Mal Maguire, Seamus Morgan, no walkover either, so Nans will be making a push for silverware as long as they don't fold in on themselves. St Monninas with the veteran Tommy McGuiness and the slick Mark Shevlin is well supported by Connor McQuaid and Mickey Teggart and their hammering of Hustlers last year confirmed they are not in it just for the craic, they can make the play offs. CWC B plays out of one of the Premiership big gun pool venues and Tommy Rooney, Emmett McParland the two Kelland brothers but more importantly Mike Nugent (a top player) will be gunning to win the lot! There are a lot of good teams and whoever gets the run of the balls and that bit of luck, will be in with a shout. Every team has top players but it's winning on the night that counts and that boils down to concentration, teammate support, and taking the right shot when the chips are down. When you go through the names and the make-up of the teams, past results stand for little, and any one of the nine could be winners at the end of the league. McGuigan's may feel it's in the bag but every other team is knocking on the door! It's not over til the fat lady sings! Next up is Division two...
Post Date : 27 Mar 2022 11:43 AM
Newry Pool is back up and running and there are three divisions. The Premier will once again be dominated by the big two CWC A and Different Strokes. D.F is now playing out of Cruppen Club and will definitely fancy themselves for the title. However, there is a quiet confidence among the new Trainors team playing out of Dans that not only will they be nobodys whipping boys, but with a fortress of a home venue and some sharp players like Tommy Mooney, Jamie Lavelle, and Ciaran Hanna to name just a few, they can steal the winner's trophy and bring it back to South Armagh. Now, with the eventual winner of the league being decided by a four way play off (fourth plays first, third plays second) every team has a chance! Paddy Tavey and co with their Dans team will also be nobodys fools and the favourites will have to be at their best to get the vital points. Ballyholland may feel a wee bit out of their depth but they have a couple of seasons under their belt and their players are good enough to beat any other player on their day. Whitecross again have the ability but will the Phelans be there to give the team a chance? So then there is a team we didnt mention. It is Keady sharks. Keady Sharks are led from the front by captain supreme and Newry Individual winner, Eddie McGaughey but apparently, the talent he has with him will blow the other Newry favourites out of the water. Time will tell but remember the fact a team can make it to fourth and then go on to win the Division should scare all the big boys! We will update the first and second division next and give a run down of the teams and the potential winners and losers...
Post Date : 25 Nov 2019 09:30 PM
It's as you were at the top of the Premier Division as the leaders had reasonably comfortable away wins. It was Whitecross that take the plaudits with a superb 7-5 away victory in Ballyholland that took them off the bottom of the league on frame difference. Quarter Bar now hold up the rest of the Premier Division after their narrow 7-5 defeat to TJ's A. Michael Feenan edged Robbie White in the 1st of their 2 meetings on the night. The Whitecross lead didn't last long as the in form Ballyholland former captain Jim McMahon continued his hot streak to whop Mickey O'Hanlon for 1-1. Shane Phelan and Marty O'Callaghan gave Whitecross a 2 frame cushion with wins over Colm Shields and Kevin McGovern. Giby Vettiankal was 1 of only 2 players to win both their games on the night and his 1st victim was Whitecross captain Cathal Phelan. Manny Kelly had a chance to draw the Harps level but Gareth McCann picked up his 2nd win in 2 matches (a very rare thing indeed) to put 2 frames between the sides again. Niall McQuillan defeated former Whitecross captain Shane Phelan and the score was 4-3. Robbie White would lock horns with the Tornado Michael Feenan for the 2nd time. This time White cut through the breeze to level the scores at 4-4 and the visitors were on the ropes for the 1st time. Jim McMahon and Marty O'Callaghan both won their earlier games but it was the sharp shooting Whitecross star that steadied the ship for Whitecross. It was O'Callaghan's 2nd win of the night. 5-4. Giby Vettiankal has been one of the players of the season so far and he blitzed Jokie McTaggart and this cracker was going to the wire at 5-5. Niall McQuillan taking on Cathal Phelan is the classic penultimate frame. Both teams knew they had one of their better players in the massive 11th frame. Phelan has the better pedigree and he edged it for 6-5 Whitecross. Ballyholland captain Brendan Keenan was taking on Brian O'Neill in final frame of the night. Both players have been indifferent so far this season but it was O'Neill that delighted the visitors to take both points back to Whitecross and secure a thrilling 7-5 win. McGuigan's got blitzed by a coastal tsunami against struggling No 7 in Warrenpoint. High flying McGuigan's had an 8 point lead over No 7 going into the this match and it looked on paper like an easy away win. Gerard McGuigan and Martin Conroy had McGuigan's off to a dream start before Ciaran Hughes pulled 1 back for the home side. Pat Byrne blasted in a stunning break finish against Shane Cunningham and it looked like the league leaders would steam roll the Point lads. Kevin Lennon and Chris O'Hare rattled McGuigan's to draw the Duke Street cueists level. Before J-P Lennon fired No 7 ahead 4-3. Martin Conroy kept his terrific winning run going when he picked up his 2nd win on the night to make it 4-4 and it was game on. Jeremy O'Brien hasn't always produced the goods when it's been needed. He had a massive win over Damian 'Diddles' McArdle to put the mackerel right among the sharks. 5-4 No 7. Martin Bolton made sure the Point lads would get at least a point when he made it 6-4. McGuigan's were a sinking ship but had break and Dish hero Pat Byrne up next to try and stem the tide. It's a pity for him and McGuigan's that Byrne was up against the talented and very experienced Richard Fletcher. Byrne was a perfect catch for Fletcher. The attacking style of Byrne was going to leave him in all sorts of trouble against the shrewd tactical Fletcher. The former Boyds talisman wrapped up a surprise win for No 7 as the Newry sharks returned toothless. Damien Flanagan beat Kevin Lennon in the final frame but it mattered little as the game finished 7-5 to No 7. Bears took full advantage of the McGuigan's slip when they defeated fellow promotion hopefuls St Monnina. Garry Powell and Diarmuid Lonergan had the home side 2-0 up before Mark Shevlin got the Saints off the mark. Ralf Crummy put Bears 3-1 up but the Killeavy men fought back to level through Anthony Reynolds and Declan Brady. Bears had some big hitters lined up with Neil Heaney, Adrian Holman and Seamus Keenan firing the former Premier Division side 6-3 up. Anthony Reynolds hadn't given up on getting a draw when he pulled it back to 6-4. The baby faced assassin Neil Heaney rifled home the win with some super potting to secure a 7-4 Bears win. Paddy Hughes won a final frame for St Monnina to make it 7-5 but it was too little too late. Bears opened up a 3 point lead on St Monnina and closed the gap at the top to a single point. Hustlers blasted Windmill Bar to move into 3rd place just 2 points behind leader McGuigan's. What a scrap this Division 1 is going to be. The top 3 teams all have massive Premier Division experience and big game players. Hustlers certainly don't lack in Premier experience. They destroyed Windmill 9-3. The highlight was a break finish from Sean Murray. Division 2 looking like it's going to be a cracker. 3 teams are joint top. Trainor's, Nifty Fifty and CWC B with 11 points have a 2 point lead over Seasiders. In Division 3 leaders Indo got slaughtered by promotion rivals Port Bar an incredible 11-1. Philip Glass, Stephen Marks, Ronald Stewart, Paul Taylor, Ian Trimble and Ritchie Taylor blitzed the hapless Indo 6-0. Indo pulled a frame back but Mark Jones, Ryan Kernaghan, Jerry McCullagh, Trevor Jenkins and Tommy Cartmill tortured the travelling Indo to a 10 frame victory.
Post Date : 18 Nov 2019 11:19 PM
It took a last gasp nail biting finish from Bernie Magee to keep Different Strokes in touch with leaders CWC A. Different Strokes led 5-3 against a strong TJ's A Tristy Byrne and Sean McDonald levelled the match at 5-5 with two games to play. Harvey Lavelle recovered from losing the frame before to put CWC 6-5 up with a comfortable win over long time former team mate Paul 'Bunty' O'Callaghan. Bunty has struggled to get going this season and has tasted defeat far too often for a man of his stature and ability in the game. It came down to Bernie Magee taking on old foe Stevie Noade. These two have been going toe to toe for over two decades. Corrinshego/Cue Club, Corrinshego/TJ's, CWC/TJ's these great rivals have played in the teams that have dominated Newry Pool for a generation. Stevie Noade had a couple of seasons playing full Blackball rules in the mini league while it's fair to say Bernie Magee had a personal season to forget in 2018/19. Noade would have started slight favourite to claim the draw. It was a scrappy frame and it suited the tactical Magee better. The Different Strokes anchor man held his nerve to bag the 2 points and stay within 3 points of leaders CWC A with a game in hand. TJ's A are now 6 points adrift with the same amount of games played as the leaders. How they badly need Manny Byrne back as a matter of urgency. CWC A bounced back from their shock defeat in the Vegas Cup to Banbridge. The result is pending a protest by CWC for an alleged illegal player on Banbridge side. CWC had no such problem away to Ballyholland. Colm Shields defeated Laurence McAlinden to take the opener but Kieran McMahon, (x2), Declan McMahon and 2 more wins from Jack Courtney fired the visitors into a 6-1 lead. Jack Courtney smashing home his 2nd break finish in 3 matches. Giby Vettiankal stunned Kieran McMahon to stall the league leaders but it didn't take much longer to wrap up the points as Laurence McAlinden made up for his earlier defeat to wrap up the win. Robbie White then Giby Vettiankal with his 2nd win of the night reduced the arrears for Ballyholland. Cwc A won the final frame of the night to round off a comprehensive 8-4 win for the league leaders. Whitecross are looking out of their depth in this new look Blackball league. The current Premier Division Cup holders have re-signed Martin O'Callaghan but he has yet to inspire his new team to a win. Michael Feenan took the opener for Whitecross but it was he that lost out to Sean McArdle who levelled for Banbridge. Noel Meara defeated the aforementioned Marty O'Callaghan to give the visitors an early lead. Gareth McCann ended his barron spell to level for 'The Cross'. Davy Hanna, Adrian Annett and the impressive Oran Keenan to charge for the Players Lounge, Banbridge and the visitors now had an ominous 5-2 lead. The Phelan twins Shane and then Cathal showed Whitecross a touch of class by winning back to back frames to pull it back to 5-4. Adrian Annett with his 2nd win on the night inflicted a 2nd defeat on Alan Burke for 6-4. Marty O'Callaghan gave Whitecross hope of a draw when made sure Niall Connolly would take home a brace of defeats. At 6-5 it was down to Brian O'Neill and Oran Keenan for battle out the final frame. Oran Keenan had already beaten Mickey O'Hanlon earlier but that is nothing to get excited about. Keenan is enjoying a fine season so far and he outclassed O'Neill to take the points home for Banbridge. Whitecross remain at the foot of the table, the only side yet to win a league game in the Premier Division. Congratulations Orchard Bar on picking up their 1st points of the season in an early season relegation 4-pointer against fellow strugglers Windmill Bar. It was an amazing match with both teams going tit-for-tat up to 4-3 Orchard. When Orchard went 5-3 then 6-3 Windmill just couldn't claw the game back. The match finished 7-5 Orchard Bar. At the top of the league McGuigan's took a huge step towards promotion with a fine win over closest rivals Bears. Captain Martin Conroy got the ball rolling when he got the 1st of his two in the nights opener. Bears came roaring back when the took the next 3 frames on the spin. Diarmuid Lonergan, Garry Powell and Neil Heaney put the visitors in the driving seat. Noel Bradley, Marty Conroy, Pat Byrne and Nicky Langton took command taking the next 4 to fire McGuigan's back into a lead 5-3. Seamus Keenan hadn't thrown in the towel and this was looking like it could go to the wire at 5-4. Gerard McGuigan and then Nicky Langton ended the Bears dream of leapfrogging McGuigan's to summit of Division 1. Instead McGuigan's now enjoy a 3 point lead. Neil Heaney took the final frame of the night for Bears but it was too little too late. Final score McGuigan's 7-5 Bears --
Post Date : 13 Nov 2019 06:47 PM
Newry Pool League Blog 10/11/2019 The Newry Pool blogger is back and we're back with vengeance. This blogger hasn't gone away you know and after keeping a close eye on first few weeks of the Newry Pool League it's time to air our feelings. They do say it's not good to keep things that irritate you bottled up inside and that you should let it all flow out. Last season Trainor's bar and of course their captain Niall McVerry gave some serious entertainment but he's now with Dan's and with a very average team we are not going to get much value from these guys for a long time. There's been massive changes to the pool league. For the benifit of our casual fans and overseas readers we'll give a very brief summary. The mini breakaway Blackball pool league lasted two seasons and they are now safely back with the big boys of pool. Having one league is just common sense, that is one thing we all agreed on. Newry Pool League is now playing the official Blackball rules. There is no two shots carry but there is a skillshot rule were you can pot your opponents ball so long as you hit your own ball first, and pot your own ball. This rule extends to the black. The new rules will suit good potter's that like to play attacking pool. Pat Brady is the new Chairman while the Secretary is Aidan Griffin. The new money man is none other than John Magee. Apparently the Treasurer Magee is still waiting on the Bank book and can't get access to the treasure chest. Nobody has spotted Aidan Griffin yet and we are seeking clarification on what his job actually is. Rumour has it he's had as much input as your local MLA's have in Stormont lately. Big Pat is pulling the strings and he's probably feeling a bit like Arlene Foster sitting with the feet up warming the toes on a wood chip burner munching on a tasty packet of cheese and onion crisps. The first big decision the new committee had to make was whether to let Declan Brennan play in the pool league. The committee weren't too keen on him playing. Anyone unfamiliar with Declan Brennan will be pleased to know that the Mayobridge snooker sensation has been ripping it up with the big boys of pool across the pond in England. The local boy has been making waves on the pool money match scene and has beaten some of the top pro's in massive tournaments over there. So the long and short of it is Declan Brennan would be incredibly hard to beat In the individuals there wouldn't be many would back against him. On their day players like Paddy Clarke and Manny Byrne can beat anyone but they would need to play unreal and get the rub of the green to topple Brennan in a race to 5. CWC seem to have got him signed up but as of yet he hasn't played for CWC. If you do get the chance to see this lad play pool then take it because he just doesn't know how to miss. CWC A and Different Strokes look like the main protagonist's for the new look Premier Division. Both teams have a familiar TJ's v Corrinshego look about. These players lock horns yet again just in new pubs. CWC A have 3 time individual's winner Declan McMahon. McMahon also won the mini breakaway league individuals last year. The hugely talented laurence McAlinden and Jack Courtney are potting well we here and are delighted that the brady & Lavelle show is over as the big boys are back in town. Some how Liam Bradley sneaked into that team after being dumped in dramatic fashion by Dan's Bar. Martin McClellend complets a strong squad for CWC. Pat Brady captain's Different Strokes and his side kick Harvey Lavelle along with Back to Back individuals winner Paddy Clarke won't be far off the pace as usual. Raymond McKenna and Paddy Tavey are reliable and Eddie McCaughey should slot in with Bernie Magee. These sides have actually already clashed very early in the league and it's 1st Blood CWC A after they slaughtered Different Strokes 9-3. Harvey Lavelle and Raymie McKenna lost both their games while Pat Brady and Paddy Clarke only won 1 out of their 2 frames. Jack Courtney, Larry McAlinden, and Decky McMahon all won both of their frames for CWC A. It's no wonder Pat Brady didn't want Declan Brennan signing TJ's although they got off to a slow start have a squad to compete for trophies. Manny and Tristan Byrne are the star players. Gavin Magee and Stevie Noade’s have won trophies galore throughout their career and are fit to beat anyone on their day. Another former multiple individuals champion Paul 'Bunty' O'Callaghan along with Conor 'Jumper' McCooey make TJ's A a formidable side. Sean McDonald and Anthony Morgan will hope to make a positive impact too. McGuigan's are taking charge in Division 1 with a 100% record. They're team is made up of Premier Division veterans but most of them played in the relegated McGuigan's side. Gerard McGuigan, Paul McAreavey, Nicky Langton, Pat Byrne, Damien Flanagan and Martin Conroy have vast experience and are looking strong in Division 1. Bears are up into 2nd place but it's Hustlers that have the strongest looking squad. Cathal McCoy, Micky Cunningham Kevin Magee, Ciaran O'Neill and Billy O'Neill are the usual suspects for Hustlers but the controversial signings of former Trainor's A players Seamus Graham and and Sean Murray add Premier Division quality to an already strong side. Trainor's Bar and CWC B are joint leaders of Division 2 and Indo are looking strong as they and Glenn lead the way in Division 3. Thanks For Reading Lads And Remember Its Only A Game Of Pool .
Post Date : 04 Jul 2019 09:20 PM
CWC A v Trainor's A! What a game to finish the season with. Friday night has now become a massive event for both teams. The league Champions CWC will be hurting after their shock Divisional Cup defeat to Whitecross. For Trainor's it's a chance to save a season that promised so much but delivered so little. The Vegas Cup will be a welcome addition to either the CWC or Trainor's Bar and what a final this promises to be for all pool fans Destination Newry will be Streaming the final live at the Indo with commentary from the knowledgeable Cathal McCoy. The front bar holds a great table favoured by all the top pros and this will suit attacking players. This could well turn out to be a pot-fest. Match Preview Trainor's led the Premier Division up until their fall from grace shortly after Christmas. They took a hammering from champions elect CWC and that shattered the Camlough side before they drifted out of contention. CWC dumped Trainor's from the Cunningham Cup which also sucked the confidence right out of the challengers. This is now a chance of redemption. Trainor's Bar captain Niall McVerry knows he was a few players short of challenging for the title but they certainly have the players to beat CWC on Friday night. CWC were missing their captain Pat Brady when they lost out to Whitecross in the Divisional Cup Final. It was obviously a massive boost for Whitecross and Trainor's Bar will be cursing their luck on his return to the baize. CWC will be out to prove they are a different proposition with their talisman Brady. He is the gel that sticks this team together and strikes fear not only in opposition players but also his team mates. Picking the two teams will be a tough job for both captain's. We'll take a look at the possible line-ups. For Trainor's Eddie McCaughey is likely to be playing in the Pairs. He's won with James O'Hagan before but he could possibly partner Sean Murray. McCaughey is likely to be up 1st no matter who he's with. Seamus McVerry and Dad Jimmy McVerry would be sensible partners in the doubles but Niall McVerry sometimes prefers Seamus Graham. The Father and Son duo were only an inch away from booking their place in this year's Pairs final but Graham is favourite for the nod probably playing 2nd or 3rd on Friday night. Will Niall McVerry give the whole squad a run out or go for the jugular and play his best possible team? Paddy Tavey will almost certainly be the 1st singles player on the baize for Trainor's but he and the captain would be hard to beat if the were up 3rd in the Pairs. If McVerry goes for the squad game then Noel Bradley will get a run out. Bradley would partner James O'Hagan or else Sean Murray. More likely it would be Murray though with O'Hagan and McCaughey paired 1st. Paddy Tavey will play 1st in the singles as mentioned earlier. Niall McVerry is a cert for the singles along with Eddie McCaughey. Seamus McVerry will play in or around 7th. James O'Hagan would be difficult to leave out of the singles. He did have a torrid season but his form improved very late in the spring and really has to play. If O'Hagan plays then Liam Bradley would be likely to play 9th. The duel player had an excellent season and would have to be in the team. That could mean Dee Kearney would have to settle for a spot on the bench. If O'Hagan plays only in the doubles then Kearney will be the anchor man. CWC won't want to be trailing coming out of the Pairs like they did in their final against Whitecross. In saying that CWC may play a similar team to the one that faltered in the Divisional final. Pat Brady will have to decide if he will come into the Pairs. If he does he could drop Harvey Lavelle or Bernie Magee. Chances are he'll go with the status quo and play Lavelle and Magee. Paddy Clarke and Seamus McGeoghegan's winning partnership could be under pressure. Pat Brady pairing with Clarke would be an awesome duo. Kieran McMahon and Terry McNally would be hard to separate after winning this year's Pairs title together. These two you can bank on playing 3rd. Kieran McMahon is usually the 1st up in the singles followed by their back to back individuals champion Paddy Clarke. This is where the change will happen. Pat Brady will play the 6th frame of the evening. Terry McNally will drop to 7th and Raymie McKenna 8th. With McGeoghegan possibly losing out to Brady in the Pairs he would be 9th like so many trophy winning nights before. These match-ups are dependant on both captain's having their full squad to choose from. What a night of pool this should be. The Indo will be packed to the rafters in this splendid venue of Newry Pool. The table will be leveled and ironed for the clash of the titans and the players are going to treat us to thrilling skilful night of exquisite pool. The presentation night will commence straight after the Vegas Cup final so get the teeth whitened and your best smile on for the Newry Deomcrat photo's in the climax to another superb year of Pool. From Newry Pool league
Post Date : 23 Jun 2019 07:56 PM
Whitecross stunned Premier Division league Champions CWC A to win the Divisional Cup Final. Prior to this game pool pundits said there was more chance of Shergar winning the 2020 Grand National than Whitecross had of beating CWC to the chequered flag. The 2018 quadruple winners CWC finished the league campaign a staggering 15 points clear of their South Armagh counterparts. CWC won twice as many league games as 'The Cross'. 18 wins to 9. CWC lost just 1 single match - To Bears. Whitecross lost 7 of their 21 league games. CWC's frame difference was +64 while Whitecross were in the negative at -6. Those were damning facts but the league doesn't tell the whole story. Whitecross thrashed Premier Division runner​'s​-up and long time leaders Trainor's A 8-1 in this cup in the 1st round. Trainor's were hot favourite's after thrashing Whitecross only a few weeks earlier. Bears fancied their chances of upsetting Whitecross in the semi-final despite being in a relegation battle. Whitecross cruised into the final at 5-0 and finishing 6-2. The Divisional Cup sponsor's Trainor's Bar was proving a happy hunting ground for Whitecross. CWC beat Nan's Rams 6-3 and convincingly beat Orchard 7-2 in their semi-final to set up this final. The team news was also favourable to Whitecross as the legendary CWC A captain Pat Brady was going to miss the match due to being on holidays. Kieran McMahon was also a doubt before the game due to a​n Infected big toe​. Whitecross reported a clean bill of health with a full squad for captain Shane Phelan to choose from. Whitecross knew only too well they needed a good start if they were to stand any chance of giving CWC a run for their money. Shane Phelan could have opted for Pairs runner-up duo Michael Feenan and Mickey O'Hanlon but Gavin Malone was given the nod after their heroics in earlier cup matches. Malone providing the tactics and Feenan the potting. They would face two time Pair's champion Harvey Lavelle who picked Bernie Magee as his partner. The Whitecross Pair play with confidence and a shortage of that fear factor with a touch of class put the South Armagh lads 1-0 up. Shane Phelan is a 2018 Pairs champion and his chosen Partner was 2019 Pairs runner-up Mickey O'Hanlon. Bags of experience there, taking on 2 times and current individuals champion Paddy Clarke with the tactical Seamus McGeoghegan. Clarke and McGeoghegan were too good they levelled the match 1-1. Cathal Phelan and Brian O'Neill had the unenviable task of beating this year's Pairs champions Terry McNally and Kieran McMahon. Phelan had a dreadful start to the season but has improved immeasurably at the turn of the year. Brian O'Neill has been like a new signing for Whitecross this year but surely beating the Doubles champions would be beyond their wildest dreams. Sometimes dreams do come true and incredibly the Pairs champions got humbled by Phelan and O'Neill and Whitecross came out the Pairs leading 2-1. This was the season Michael Feenan finally showed the pool world what he is capable of. The Tornado left a trail of destruction especially in the 1st half of the season and reaching the final of the Pairs should be just the start for him. Feenan came up against an inspired Kieran McMahon though, who showed the young gun how to clear up in style to level the scores at 2-2. Cathal Phelan v Paddy Clarke was the match-up of the night. Both are clearly their teams best player. The former team mates ooze quality but the current back to back individuals champion Clarke was the obvious favourite to put CWC into the lead for the 1st time. It was the frame that arguably put that seed of doubt in the CWC minds as the brilliant Phelan kept his cool to fire Whitecross 3-2 in front. Alan Burke was in trouble against Raymie McKenna. Burke has had a good solid season and is a big game player. It was looking like McKenna had the frame in the bag but when he potted the black the white inexplicably rolled into the pocket and Burke had stolen the frame for 4-2 Whitecross. Whitecross captain Shane Phelan had the chance to make history and win these boys their 1st ever Newry Pool league top flight trophy. A few seasons ago Whitecross lost two finals in a month and the following season lost another final. The country lads are used to being the bridesmaid but never the bride. Could Phelan go down in folklore and secure the Premier Division Cup? The legendary Harvey Lavelle stood in his way. Lavelle has it all. Potting, safety, tactics, positional play and bottle by the bucket load are just some of his attributes. Phelan has been a key player for Whitecross this past couple of seasons capping it off with the 2018 Pairs title. He also won our blog player of the season last year. He was in a tense battle with Lavelle. Phelan saw his chance and rolled home the final few colours to leave a pressure black to the middle for the title. Years and years of untold hurt of Whitecross players rested firmly on his shoulders. Could Phelan handle the pressure? You bet he could! Shane Phelan stroked home the black with aplomb to the ecstatic delight of his Whitecross team mates. It was a fantastic win for Whitecross. So many times they have been to the well but came home dry. Now, at long last they can look forward to a team photo with a trophy in their grasp. Gareth McCann missed out on his game with Terry McNally and a possible showdown between Joseph McTaggart and Seamus McGeoghegan was averted thanks to Shane Phelan. Congratulations to Whitecross and ​hard luck CWC A.​😂
Post Date : 08 Jun 2019 05:09 PM


Paddy Clarke became the 1st player in well over two decades to win back to back Singles titles after a mesmerising performance last Thursday. Clarke was simply sensational. From the semi-final onwards he was virtually untouchable. His final opponent Pat Brady cruised to the decider dropping only won frame and it meant the CWC A team mates would contest the individuals finale for the second year in a row.

Brady won 3-1 against Cathal Phelan, 3-0 against Seamus McVerry and 3-0 against Raymie McKenna in the semi.
Clarke stuffed Shane McAllister 3-0 then had a right royal battle in his last 8 match. He was on course for a routine win against Thomas McGuinness when he led 2-0 but the St. Monnina player fought like an injured lion to pull it back to 2-2. The real Paddy Clarke stood up in the decider and squeezed into the semi with a brilliant finish and beat Kieran McMahon 3-0 in the last 4.

The two played out a classic final last year when Paddy Clarke edged a thriller 4-3. This year Clarke was in devastating form and he never gave Pat Brady a sniff, racing into a commanding 3-0 lead. Brady needed to win all 4 of the remaining frames and although he pulled it back to 3-1 nobody in the Forester's club really believed a comeback was possible. Clarke made no mistake in wrapping up his second consecutive individuals title at 4-1.

Clarke was just on a different playing field. He whizzed around the table producing his magic every time his tip struck the white ball. In his semi-final match he blitzed Kieran McMahon  3-0. There's not many players can say they annihilated Pat Brady and Kieran McMahon with an accumulative score of 7-1. Two legends of Newry Pool just brushed aside with nonchalance.
Not only two legends but  two team mates to add to the pressure.

Paddy Clarke had lots of praise for the Forester's club, Newry Pool league, the livestream and the fantastic crowd that attended the finals night.

For all those who enjoy reading the winners we tipped' you will be delight to hear we got one or two wrong.
Of the last 8 matches we got only one game wrong. Dee Kearney couldnt  get over the line against Seamus McGeoghegan.
Of our 1/4 picks only Terry McNally didn't make it to the semi-final. Kieran McMahon was just too good and the 'Machine' McMahon booked his spot 2-1.
We did get the final pairing correct but we went for Pat Brady and the way he was playing in the build up our pick looked good. Paddy Clarke turned on the style to and he'll be a short price to retain his title next year again.

Well Done Paddy Clarke..

Post Date : 27 May 2019 07:20 PM


Terry McNally, Eddie McCaughey, Garry Powell, Kieran McMahon, Tom McGuinness, Jim McMahon, Shane McAllister, Paddy Clarke, Cathal Phelan, Pat Brady, Seamus McVerry, Gerard McGuigan, Raymond McKenna, Damien Kearney, Seamus McVerry and Mickey O'Hanlon or Martin Conroy will contest the last 16 of the Newry individuals.

Current holder of the title of Newry best pool player is held by Paddy Clarke and he along with last year's beaten finalist Pat Brady are in course for another final date as they are in opposite sides of the draw.

Terry McNally has been arguably the player of the tournament so far. He annihilated 2015 individual's winner James O'Hagan 3-0. We did say in our previous blog that O'Hagan would need to bring his 'A' game but it wouldn't have mattered as McNally arrived in 'Destroy mode' and he glided through the 3 frames hardly missing a ball.

Paddy Clarke breezed past the helpless Martin White 3-0. Clarke was just irresistible but White missed a few opportunities to put pressure on the current champion. Clarke is a joy to watch when in full flow and White never had the firepower to trouble the champion.

Last year's runner-up had no problems dispatching of Ralph Crummy. We did tip Crummy to take a frame but Brady was in typical unforgiving mood and the 'Bald eagle' Crummy was soon to be the prey of 'Big Pat'. 3-0 was the final score.

Kieran McMahon is in determined mood as he seeks a return to the final. It's as far back as 2017 since McMahon has graced the final so he is a man on a mission! Winning the quadruple and the Pairs in the meantime has surely eased the pain slightly. 'The Machine' McMahon steam rolled Michael Teggart 3-0 just as we said he would. You have to go back to 2013 for the last time Kieran McMahon won the Individuals outright but he remains one of the favourites for the title.

Seamus McVerry is still a decent price to win the Individuals but the 2016 champion didn't drop a frame as he crushed Kieran Cummins 3-0. McVerry upset all the odds to win the tournament back in '16' but he has far heavier artillery in his way this year. Not taking away from his achievement but the bottlers he faced in TJ's are no longer the opposition and he faces tough players this time around.

Cathal Phelan is always there or thereabouts when it comes to the Newry individuals. He had a proper good scrap with surprise package Colm Shields. Phelan was in devestating form racing into a 2-0 lead. Shields held his nerve to take it to a decider. In a close final frame Shields missed a tricky double and Phelan booked his last 16 spot. It's a decade since Phelan picked up the Individuals title. 2009 was the last time he won the most prestigious trophy in Newry pool which was his 2nd in 3 years. Can he roll back the years or has Mother time just caught up with 3 time overall winner?

It was heartbreak for Shane Phelan as he was cruising 2-0 just like his Bro. Seamus McGeoghegan used all his match play experience to claw it back to 2-2 and finally end the dreams of Phelan to scrape over the line 3-2. McGeoghegan dragged Phelan into the trenches with some soul destroying tactical play to claim a famous win against his former team mate. Phelan had chances to win it but couldn't take them. We knew this would be a close match but we tipped Phelan to edge this. It was one of only two matches we got wrong.

The other was Brian O'Neill who lost out in another classic encounter. Jim McMahon proved how tough a competitor he his by taking the to a decider. O'Neill had a bit of a chance to book his last 16 spot but McMahon pulled out a decent finish and takes his place amongst the best players in Newry Pool.

Eddie McCaughey won't be known by every Newry Pool fan but the Keady native is making a name for himself slowly but surely. His exciting attacking style was perfect against the very open Pat Byrne. McCaughey was in stunning form and he mopped up effortlessly as Byrne couldn't take his chances. We had tipped 3-1 to McCaughey but he wasn't hanging about and finished it 3-0.

Shane McAllister beat former team mate Cathal McCoy 3-1 in a tense match. The bad news is that McCoy will be delivering us uninterrupted commentary on the livestream for the finals night. McAllister had a great run last year and will be hoping he can go further this time around.

Damien Kearney is one of three Trainor's A players still in the 2019 Newry individuals. He was never in any real trouble against the ultra attacking Cailim McParland. McParland relies on his stunning potting instincts but over best of 5 against the top players you need more strings to your bow. Dee Kearney sailed through 3-1 and will be having a small grim aimed at Niall McVerry as the Trainor's captain used Kearney rather sparingly during the season.

Garry Powell was in devastating form as he destroyed Colm McCann. McCann prides himself with his attacking pool. He lives by the sword and dies by the sword. Powell cut him to shreds with good tactical play and terrific patient clearances.  3-0 was the final score and it was a stiff learning curve for McCann. Powell will be stepping up in class now and will need to keep his good form going.

PJ McDanials didn't show up and Tom McGuinness was only too happy to book his place in the last 16.

Last 16 Draw.

T McNally v E McCaughey
G Powell v K McMahon
T McGuinness v J McMahon
P Clarke v S McAllister
C Phelan v P Brady
S McVerry v G McGuigan
R McKenna v M O'Hanlon/M Conroy
D Kearney v S McGeoghegan

Some incredibly mouth watering ties in that draw plus a fantastic opportunity for some rank outsiders to get to the 1/4 finals.

If the favourites go through we could see McNally v McMahon playing off for a place in the semi-final. Those two only went and won the Pairs together just a matter of weeks ago.

We will give all these games a quick preview closer to Thursday and give you our tip to win it.


Post Date : 23 May 2019 06:12 PM


                                                                                     Individuals Blog last 32

Finals Night Being Played Thursday 30th May Down to a Winner.
32 of Newry's finest pool players take centre stage this Thursday night as we trim our contenders to 16.
Two players have already qualified. Raymond McKenna beat Liam Bradley 3-2 and Gerard McGuigan beat Seamus Keenan 3-1.
@Foresters Table 1
1.James O’Hagan (Trainors A)  v Terry Mc Nally (CWC A)
James O'Hagan has improved his results just right at the tale end of the season after a disastrous run of form. He certainly has the talent. He is a recent winner of the competition after all but has this game come too soon?
Terry McNally is fresh from winning the Pairs and so he won't be short on confidence. McNally is a smart player and knows the correct shots to play.
Terry McNally could get a run for his money if O'Hagan hits form. The odds are against O'Hagan but a full distance 3-1 win for McNally is a good bet.

2.Eddie Mccaughey  (Trainors A) v Pat Byrne (Mc Guigan)
Two cracking potter's on show here. Eddie McCaughey is new to the Newry Pool scene but all the top Premier plays know him well. The Keady man plays exciting attacking pool and knows the patterns to make the game look easy.
Pat Byrne is an outrageous single ball potter. Controlling the white ball and having little to know safety game has often been his achillies heel.
Eddie McCaughey will fancy his chances here and we tip 3-1 to the Keady native.

3.Gary Powell (Bears) v  Colm Mc Cann  (Millvale)
Garry Powell regularly gets a good run in the singles and it's no fluke. He has a good tight all round game but his potting and taking out clearances are his preferred method of play.
Colly McCann is another extremely attacking player. It serves him well in Division 2 and although his superb single ball potting makes him a dangerous opponent he is moving up two Divisions here.
Garry Powell will be in a 50/50 game here if he gets into a potting fest here. His superior tactical game should edge a tight match 3-1

4.Michael Teggart (St Monnina A) v Kieran McMahon (CWC A)
Michael Teggart will know only his A game will give him a chance here. Teggart is a decent player who likes to play attacking pool. He will need to be able to mix it up with snookers and safety to rattle Kieran McMahon.
Kieran McMahon will have taken winning the Pairs in his stride and won't dwell on his latest success too long. McMahon is a born winner and with his incredible appetite for trophies only backs up his fantastic ability.
Easy 3-0 win for McMahon.

@Foresters Table 2
5.PJ McDanials (Orchard v Thomas McGuinness (St Monnina A)
Our 1st tactical match to preview.
PJ McDanials hasn't played as much this year as previous seasons. His percentage win rate is down as well which would coincide with a lack of games. McDanial can certainly take out pressure finishes but he loves a good tactical battle.
Tom McGuinness is a former Premier Division player and he had a really good season in Division 1 this season. McGuinness grows into the game and will have no problem covering pockets and slugging it out.
This could be our 1st surprise winner of the night. McGuinness could nick this one 3-2.

6.Brian O’Neill (Whitecross)  v Jim McMahon (Ballyholland) 
Brian O'Neill is much improved for Whitecross and he has more than played his part in his teams relatively  successful sesson.  His potting is his strong point and he is much more patient during a tactical match.
Jim McMahon was a crucial ever present for Ballyholland in their Division 1 title winning side. McMahon is your typical grinder. He will cover pockets and make life proper uncomfortable for any opponent.
We could see a respot in this match but O'Neill should have the fire power to get the win 3-2.

7.Paddy Clarke (CWC A)  v Martin White (John Murphys)
The current individual champion Paddy Clarke is the favourite to retain his title. He knows the patterns like no other and makes the game look ridiculously easy. His positional play has no equal in Newry pool. He won't hang about and will just go for the game at the earliest opportunity.
Martin White had a very good season for Murphy's in Division 1. White is a terrific potter and will be a dangerous opponent. He also is well fit to cover a pocket or lay a snooker.
Paddy Clarke could lose a frame here but a place in the last 16 should be secured with a bit to spare. 3-1.

8.Shane McAllister (Hustlers)  v Cathal Mc Coy (McGuigans)
This battle of the former team mates should be a real cracker.
Shane McAllister is widely recognised as one of the toughest opponents in the Newry Pool league. He never knows he is beaten and can claw a frame back from the jaws of defeat like very few can. He has nerves of steel and to back up his superb potting ability has has a lock tight safety game.
Cathal McCoy will have to take a step away from behind the livestream and get in front of the camera. McCoy can be a bit hit and miss. If he brings his A game then this will be a wonderful spectacle.
We fancy this to go the distance but Shane McAllister has more strings to his bow and a 3-2 win for the Hustlers star man seems sensible.

@Foresters Table 3
9.Cathal Phelan (Whitecross)  v Colm Shields (Ballyholland)
Cathal Phelan wears his "been there, done that" T-shirt with pride. He gets to the latter stages virtually every year. He has improved remarkably since the turn of the year and his all round game is as tight as Cathal McCoy's wallet. Excellent shot maker and always plays the right shot. Phelan will be hard to beat.
Colm Shields is having a dream season. Winning the league with Ballyholland was good. He beat the then Pairs holders Pat Brady and Harvey Lavelle on his way to the 1/4 final. Shields is an excellent finisher and will go toe to toe with Phelan in the tactical exchanges.
Phelan will not take his opponent lightly so a 3-1 win for Phelan looks plausible.

10.Pat Brady (CWC A)  v Ralph Crummy (Bears)
Pat Brady has been in the last two individual's finals and who would bet against a 3rd? Brady has been a prolific winner his whole career. A treble last year. Winner of the Pairs two years running in 2016 and 17. Two times individuals finalist in a row. Incredible composure with stunning potting and a tactical game that simply has no equal in the local game.
Ralph Crummy has plenty of pool under his belt after his trip to Killarney for the All-Ireland pool championship. Crummy is a great potter and can take out crazy finishes. He needs to bring 100% consistency to rattle 'big Pat'.
Crummy is up against one of the all time greats. It's hard to make a real case for him and a 3-1 Brady win is the logical result.

11.Kieran Cummins (Bosco) v Seamus McVerry (Trainors
It's a bit harsh to say Kieran Cummins is slow but he is certainly the Terry Griffiths of Newry Pool. He won't get you on the edge of your seat but going by his decent record for Bosco this season it is clear he gets the job done. Cummins will cover pockets and keep it tight.
Seamus McVerry knows all about keeping it tight. He loves a good tactical exchange. McVerry can take out those tricky finishes that only the top plays do on a regular basis. McVerry is a recent overall individuals winner and knows what it takes to win it.
McVerry hot favourite here and should cruise through 3-0.

12.Seamus Keenan (Bears)  v Gerard Mc Guigan (McGuigans)  (1-3)
Seamus 'The Snail' Keenan bowed out to the attacking free flowing Gerard McGuigan who hit top form en-route to a 3-1 victory.

@ Foresters Table 4
13.Liam Bradley (Trainors A) v Raymond McKenna (2-3)
Liam Bradley held his own despite being up against red hot favourite and  former finalist Raymie McKenna. Bradley took it to a decider but CWC cueiest ran out a single frame winner.

14.Michael O’Hanlon (Whitecross) v Martin Conroy  (McGuigans)
Mickey O'Hanlon and Martin Conroy will be like Game of thrones where two worlds collide.
O'Hanlon is cagey and will cover pockets and try to drag his opponent into a dog fight.
Conroy will be going for his pots and trying to take out exquisite finishes.
Conroy should be too good and 3-1 would be a good result for O'Hanlon. That's if he gets 1. So 3-1 Conroy to be clear.

15.Damien Kearney (Trainors A)  v Cailum Mc Parland (CWC A)
Dee Kearney is another talented all out attack player. He can play an element of safety but it's just not his game.
Cailum McParland simply doesn't do safety. He can blitz a table in the blink of and eye. But can he do it 3 times in one night?
Kearney should be able to slow McParland down for a 3-1 win.

16.Shane Phelan (Whitecross)  v Seamus Mc Geoghegan (CWC A)
What a game to finish with. Former team mates will go head to head. Shane Phelan was our player of the year last season and he will probably need to win the Individuals to be in contention this season. Phelan won't take too many risks and his single ball potting is up there with the best.
Seamus McGeoghegan is another player that won't take many risks. I doubt very much if he ever leaves the house without an umbrella in the summer or his factor 50 in the winter - just in case! McGeoghegan always plays the right shot but maybe just not as accurately as he used to.
This is looking like a long match. Easily we could see a few re-spotted blacks but we tip Shane Phelan to edge a classic 3-2.

          All Games Will Be Decided with the best of 5 frames from this round 

and best of 7 in the Final


Post Date : 12 May 2019 09:51 PM



Thursday night saw Kieran McMahon and Terry McNally crowned 2019 Pairs winners after a fantastic night of stunning pool. 

Beaten finalists Michael Feenan and Mickey O'Hanlon played their part in a thrilling high quality final. 

The Foresters hosted the finals along with the Indo and it was clear everyone  loved the intimate surroundings where seating and views of the table were 2nd to none. Cathal McCoy did commentary on his livestream and Harvey Lavelle did a great job refereeing. Most importantly as far as the players were concerned, the tables were perfect and the INF proved worthy of this huge finals night. 

We got 6 of our 8 match predictions correct and one was Kieran McMahon and Terry McNally to see off Niall McVerry and James O'Hagan. We new the Trainor's lads would need to produce a master class but it didn't materialise and our 2-0 predicted scoreline came to fruition. 

Michael Feenan and Mickey O'Hanlon and no problems in their 1st match either. Anthony O'Hanlon and Collie McCann found the 2 Division gap insurmountable and it was the Whitecross lads that progressed.

Colm Shields and Jim McMahon were on a great run. They beat Martin Bolton and Jeremy O'Brien and early in the Pairs beat favourites Pat Brady and Harvey Lavelle. They came up against an inspired Terry McNally and a ruthless Kieran McMahon and that was the CWC A lads in the semi-final.

Michael Feenan and Mickey O'Hanlon had to beat conquerer's of their team mates to reach the semi-final. Division 1 players Damon Murphy and Matthew Creggan dumped Premier Division Whitecross cueists Brian O'Neill and Gareth McCann. Feenan and O'Hanlon weren't brilliant but got their revenge to book their semi-final place.


The first semi-final saw brothers Liam and Noel Bradley who taking on Michael Feenan and Mickey O'Hanlon. The Whitecross Pair took the opener before the in form Bradley's levelled. The decider was on a knife edge and it looked like the Bradley's would go through when both Noel and Liam had shots on the black. Both missed and the two Mickey's held their nerve before Feenan sank a tricky black for 2-1 and a place in the final.

Father and Son Pairing Jimmy and Seamus McVerry booked their semi-final spot and now faced Kieran McMahon and Terry McNally. 

The McVerry's were in fine form and typically mixed their game with good tactical play and quality potting. McMahon and McNally went 1 up before the McVerry's levelled. Trainor's Father and Son duo went game in the decider but Seamus fell millimetres  short on his final ball with a black at their mercy. Jimmy fouled and that's all McMahon and McNally needed as they cleared up to book the final birth.


Michael Feenan and Mickey O'Hanlon looked set for the opener in the final but despite some good play couldn't capitalize and Kieran McMahon and Terry McNally went 1-0 up in a race to 3 frames.

Michael Feenan moved up a level and at long last his nickname Tornado seemed a suitable title. He dragged Mickey O'Hanlon with him and levelled the match 1-1 with another tricky black.

In a close 3rd frame O'Hanlon fell short to leave Feenan a missable long black. Feenan was a long way off and it was a reverse 2-1 for McMahon and McNally. 

Feenan looked to have a good blocker to thwart a finish but Terry McNally played a superb double to set up a fantastic finish and it was 3-1 to the CWC A Pair. 

It was a really high quality night of pool. Terry McNally was arguably the player of the night. He was playing all the right shots and showing Kieran McMahon exactly where he wanted the white ball. Both McNally and McMahon are still in the individuals and are the only players on course to ever win the clean sweep of league, Divisional cup Vegas Cup Cunningham Cup and the Pairs and Individuals. 

Thanks to the Foresters and Independent Club. 



Post Date : 08 May 2019 06:37 PM


Newry Pool League Pairs Last 16   
Being Played Thursday 9th May
All games Will Be Played on All Tables if Needed

Games Will start No later than 8.30pm Sharp


  @TJ’s Table1
Sean Murray & Seamus Graham (Trainors A) v  Paddy Clarke & Seamus McGeoghegan (CWC A)
It's always interesting when players from the top two teams clash. Murray and Graham are ultra attacking and while Clarke loves going straight for a finish his partner in crime McGeoghegan is a lot more tactical.
Clarke and McGeoghegan are probably 2nd favourites for the title now and they should edge this 2-1.

Gerard McEvoy & Kevin McGovern (B/holland) v Jimmy
McVerry & Seamus McVerry (Trainors A)
McEvoy will have the smart playing tactical McGovern by his side but have the got the ability to see off the safe thinking McVerry's?
The two McVerry's stunned current holders Shane and Cathal Phelan. Jim and Seamus will flourish on TJ's potting tables and have the tactics if needed so 2-0 win for them.

@Table 2
Martin Bolton & Jeremy O’Brien (No. 7) v Colm Sheilds & Jim McMahon (B/Holland)
Bolton and O'Brien will be delighted to get to the final night and will fancy their chances against the giant Killing Ballyholland pairing.
Shields and McMahon dumped previous two time holders Pat Brady and Harvey Lavelle so they should be unfazed at facing the Boyds lads.
A tough match is forecasted but 2-1 Shields and McMahon seems the sensible outcome.

Kieran McMaon & Terry McNally (CWC A) v Niall Mcverry & James O’Hagan (Trainors A)
This is probably the table the pool purists will have their eyes on. The skill level could hit maximum level here.
McMahon and McNally will be favourites to win the comp in many people's eyes. Both are fantastic potter's and they're not bad at the safety either.
McVerry and O'Hagan need to bring their A game. McVerry plays wild shots while O'Hagan needs to be right back to his very best or they will get a quick exit.
A great match to watch here especially if the Trainor's pair hit form. Still though 2-0 to the CWC duo is our tip.

  @Table 3
Antony O’Hanlon  & Collie McCann (Millvale) v Michael Feenan & Michael O’Hanlon (W/cross)
McCann will be the driving force for the Millvale pairing. O'Hanlon will just have to put the seat belt on and go for the ride.
Feenan will do a similar job for the Whitecross duo. O'Hanlon will be cringing at some of Feenan's attacking shot selections.
Feenan and O'Hanlon will get a tough game but should squeeze it 2-1.

Mathew Creggan & Damon Murphy (Cavern) v Gareth McCann & Brian O’Neill (W/Cross)
Creggan and Murphy came through a tough group last time out and will fancy a shock result here. Murphy is the one to watch here.
O'Neill has been a bit of a star for Whitecross this season and McCann has the talent to win this but it could well go the distance. 2-1 to the Whitecross pair.

@Table 4
Gerard McGuigan & Nicky Langton (McGuigans) v Niall McQuillan& Brendan keenan (B/Holland)
McGuigan enjoyed a superb season while Langton is a tricky, hard to beat player.
McQullian will pot from the lampshades and Keenan will keep him right in the safety play.
The premier pair should get through but the Ballyholland lads will keep it interesting. 2-1 McGuigan and Langton.

Liam Bradley & Noel Bradley (Trainors A) v Kevin Magee & Raymond Magee (Hustlers)
This could be a feisty game as all those involved are not to shy about potting balls and voicing their opinion.
Liam Bradley will try to guide younger bro Noel through the shots.
Kevin Magee will make the decisions for the Hustlers pair.
Kevin Magee and Liam Bradley are the main course so it's between Noel and Raymond to see who can serve up the best starter.
The two Bradley's will be favourites to enjoy their dessert and we tip them 2-1.

Time to get the boys on the baize! And Lets Remember It's Only A game Of Pool Good Luck To All Pairs .


Post Date : 26 Apr 2019 11:10 AM
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                                                     Newry Pool League Pairs Last 16   

                                                     Being Played Thursday 9th May

                                       All games Will Be Played on All Tables if Needed

                                             Games Will start No later than 8.30pm Sharp



            @TJ’s Table 1

        Sean Murray & Seamus Graham (Trainors A) v  Paddy Clarke & Seamus McGeoghegan (CWC A)

 Gerard McEvoy & Kevin McGovern (B/holland) v Jimmy McVerry & Seamus McVerry (Trainors A)

          @Table 2

 Martin Bolton & Jeremy O’Brien (No. 7) v Colm Sheilds & Jim McMahon (B/Holland)

        Kieran McMaon & Terry McNally (CWC A) v Niall Mcverry & James O’Hagan (Trainors A)

@Table 3

  Antony O’Hanlon  & Collie McCann (Millvale) v Michael Feenan & Michael O’Hanlon (W/cross)

        Mathew Creggan & Damon Murphy (Cavern) v Gareth McCann & Brian O’Neill (W/Cross)

 @Table 4

        Gerard McGuigan & Nicky Langton (McGuigans) v Niall McQuillan& Brendan keenan (B/Holland)

        Liam Bradley & Noel Bradley (Trainors A) v Kevin Magee & Raymond Magee (Hustlers)


































Post Date : 26 Apr 2019 11:06 AM
CATEGORY : Local Sport


              Newry Pool League Vegas Cup


              Being Played Thursday 2nd May


1. Bears v Cwc A @Independent

2. Hustlers v Trainors A  @Bellinis


Post Date : 17 Apr 2019 09:48 PM


All Roads Lead To The Indo & Foresters tomorrow night where the Cunningham Cup Semi/Finals are being played. In the Indo is the top of the league clash with CWC A v Trainors A in what should be classic and in the Foresters its McGuigans A v Hustlers which should be another classic Good Luck too all teams tomorrow night .

The Cunningham cup takes centre stage tomorrow night.
Its a great opportunity for two of the lesser lights in the Premier Division - Hustlers and McGuigan's to make the final and of course there's that mouth watering tie where league Champions CWC A will renew their rivalry with Trainor's A.

Most people outside Hustlers and McGuigan's will say that the winner of CWC A and Trainor's will lift the Cunningham Cup. The other semi finalists will still dream that given a bit of luck they could lift the Cup. There's also the added bonus of £150 just for reaching the final.

Hustlers are adjusting to the fact they will be playing Division 1 pool next season after their last gasp 5-3 defeat to Bears sent the crashing through the Premier Division trap door.
McGuigan's did well in their 1st season back in the top flight after their relegation the previous season.

Two of this season's league meetings ended in draws. The other was a comfortable win for McGuigan's mid-season.

McGuigan's finished the season only 2 points ahead of relegated Hustlers but strangely give up an 8 frame-difference.

Both teams have players that can win a match in one visit. Hustlers will rely heavily on Ciaran O'Neill and Shane McAllister.
Martin Conroy and Conor O'Hare catch the eye on the Hustlers side and Gerard McGuigan has had an outstanding season with his own pub.

In the other semi final CWC A will be aiming for back to back quadruple's. Trainor's A hit a bad run in February and early Match but they've recovered in time to possibly save their season. After leading for 3/4 of the league campaign it was defeat to CWC and a few draws that ended their title dream. Whitecross dumped Trainor's from the Divisional Cup so it's just the Cunningham or Vegas Cup left for them.

Trainor's will need to come out of the Pairs no worse off than 2-1 down to have any chance of shocking the champions. Without doubt Pat Brady, Paddy Clarke and Harvey Lavelle will all play singles games and stopping those 3 would be cataclysmic odds against.
Terry McNally and Raymie McKenna are relied on regularly.
Bernie Magee and Seamus McGeoghegan will be seen as the weak points.

James O'Hagan could be key for Trainor's. He needs to put his poor season behind him and play the fluent attacking pool we all know he can.
Seamus McVerry beat Harvey Lavelle last time they met and he will need more of the same. Eddie McCaughey is as good if not better than the majority of CWC A players.
Paddy Tavey is another player Trainor's will need to repeat his previous heroics if there is to be a shock result.
Captain Niall McVerry will need to match up the players to his advantage which is no easy task.
Sean Murray is quality and if Liam Bradley can get a decent chance we know he can hold his nerve. Dee Kearney has talent but can he hold it together when it really matters?

t of things to go well to make the final. McGuigan's have probably the better potter's. Kevin Magee must have his side ahead after the Pairs.
Hustlers' lesser players just aren't as strong as McGuigan's and it should be McGuigan's that edge through 6-3.

If Trainor's bring their A game then we could be in for a cracker. If Trainor's can bring this to a decider they could cause an upset but another 6-3 is more likely.
CWC A to reach yet another final.

Hustlers need a lot of things to go well to make the final. McGuigan's have probably the better potter's. Kevin Magee must have his side ahead after the Pairs.

Hustlers' lesser players just aren't as strong as McGuigan's and it should be McGuigan's that edge through 6-3.

If Trainor's bring their A game then we could be in for a cracker. If Trainor's can bring this to a decider they could cause an upset but another 6-3 is  more likely. 

CWC A to reach yet another final.


Post Date : 14 Apr 2019 07:52 PM



The Baby Faced Assassin was on last as his Bears side looked set to become almost certainly the first team in the history of the Newry pool league to get relegated from the top flight in two consecutive seasons. With the weight of Premier Division status on his shoulders, the Bears and all their cubs could do nothing as 'Assassin' Neil Heaney approached the table.

Bears travelled down the hill to Hustlers in the final league game of the Premier Division season. One of these two teams would join Nan's Rams in the relegation doghouse. Hustlers led Bears by a point going into this decider. A draw would be enough to secure Premier safety for Hustlers and having home advantage could be a huge boost for them.

Hustlers started brightly with Sheepbridge barman Gwyn Trainor taking the opener against a talented but slightly inconsistent Newly Wed Eddie Heaney.
It was a clash of the titans up next. Two monumental influences on their team. Kevin Magee is the Hustlers captain while Diarmuid Lonergan is tough as teak and a real leader that demands the best from his team mates. Lonergan edged out Magee in a tense match to tie the scores at 1-1.
Ciaran O'Neill was red hot favourite against Paddy Heaney. Heaney hasn't played a lot this season while O'Neill recovered from a poor start to the season to become one of Hustlers best players. It was no surprise young O'Neill took the win and it was 2-1 Hustlers. That massive win for O'Neill meant Bears had to win 4 of the next 5 frames or they would be playing Division 1 pool next season.
Seamus 'The Snail' Keenan has had a very good season for Bears and his pool knowledge was too much for Denvor Jenkins. 2-2.
Billy O'Neill v Garry Powell was a massive frame. Both very experienced players. Neither have been at their very best this season but both are tough opponents. Powell came out on top and for the first time Bears had the lead. 3-2.
Shane McAllister and Ralph Crummy were two of the more skilful exponents of the beautiful game Thursday night. Both tremendous potter's and superb in the safety department. McAllister is one of the best players in the league on his day and he put his Hustlers team within 1 frame of safety with a fine display. 3-3.
Now Bears needed the final 2 frames and Hustlers just the 1.
Ray Magee was 1st up for the home side. The pressure was really on both sides now. One more slip up would be devastating. Paul Murphy was tasked with giving Bears one last fight for survival. Murphy's class shone through and he took this classic relegation fight to the final frame. 4-3 Bears.
The whole league season for both these teams now came down to one single frame. Barry Murphy v Neil Heaney. The winner would send their team into wild celebrations while the loser would have to reflect on what might have been.
Barry Murphy has had a decent season. He's had mixed fortunes while playing 8th but he is no stranger to that position. Neil Heaney has played last before but arguably his free flowing pool is more suited to playing early.
Cometh the hour cometh the man. It was time for the Executioner, the sniper, the exterminator and dare we say - The Baby Faced Assassin to come to the party. His sniper accurate potting and ice cool nerves held firm as he slotted home the final black for mesmerizing win. Hustlers 3-5 Bears.
Bears were safe. Hustlers were relegated.
Bears celebrated enthusiastically after they produced one of the most enthralling final day relegation rescues you are ever likely to see, while the Hustlers had to get used to the reality they would play Division 1 pool next season.

Hustlers will rue the fact they turned up a few Thursday night's with only 7 players. Players like Shane McAllister and Ciaran O'Neill will certainly come onto the radar of some Premier Division teams in the summer.

Bears and Hustlers both have cup semi-finals to look forward to so their seasons are far from over. 


Post Date : 01 Apr 2019 08:27 PM



One more point is all CWC A need to retain their Premier Division title. They will travel to McGuigan's on the back of a hard fought 5-3 victory over Bears and  will know that their title winning champagne will taste all the sweeter after being given a decent run for their money from Trainor's.

Trainors demolished already relegated Nan Rice's 7-1. Sean Murray, Paddy Tavey, cptn Niall McVerry, Seamus Graham and Damien Kearney took the 1st 5 frames to blitz Nan's to the points without reply. James O'Hagan lost out to Leigh McAlinden for a consolation frame for the visiting Nan's.
Noel and Liam Bradley made sure it would be a miserable trip home from South Armagh for Nan's when they took the final two frames for 7-1.

CWC A aren't easing up but Bears gave them a good game Thursday night. This could turn into a memorable season for Bears as they are in the semi-final of two cups.
Paddy Clarke kicked off the night for CWC with win over Ralph Crummy. Kieran McMahon doubled the lead when he beat Cup hero Neil Heaney.
Bears are facing the relegation trap door for the 2nd season in a row but they showed great belief in coming back to take the next two frames to level.
Garry Powell and Diarmuid Lonergan showing their quality to beat Terry McNally and then Raymie McKenna.
Bernie Magee isn't having his best season ever but he does relish a good pressure game and it was the tactical legend that put CWC back on track. Pat Brady played a captains role to make it 4-2 as CWC looked to ease to the points. Seamus Keenan and Paul Murphy dumped to the CWC pair.
Adrian Holman caused a big shocked when he edged Harvey Lavelle with an array of superb pots to make it 4-3. Now Bears could dream of a point that would give them a 2 point cushion over fellow relegation struggles Hustlers.
Seamus McGeoghegan and Eugene McDermott have witnessed uncountable night where their teams have clashed for major trophies. Although this match didn't hold the same importance as some of their previous encounters it was still a very intriguing match-up. Both players have failed to recapture their glory days form of yesteryear but over the years McGeoghegan undoubtedly picked up the more silverware. No point changing the habit of a lifetime and it was the knowledgeable Seamus McGeoghegan that held his nerve to take both points home for CWC and they are now only 1 point from Premier Division glory.

Division 1 has long been one of the most fascinating Divisions for long many a year. Three teams - Ballyholland 24pts, St. Monnina A 23pts and Windmill 22pts are all fighting it out to be champions. No. 7 Duke Street 20pts and Johnny Murphy's 19pts are still in the promotion hunt with all teams having played 17 of their 20 games.

All eyes will be on St. Monnina A v Windmill which will be played this coming Thursday. 2nd v 3rd in this title race is a must not lose for both teams. Windmill are 2pts adrift of leaders Ballyholland and a defeat will surely end their dreams of taking the title. The Saints have home advantage and a win for them would almost guarantee a promotion and a straight fight between them and Ballyholland.

Ballyholland travel to Johnny Murphy's in another massive game. Murphy's need a lot of results to go their way but the mathematically they have an outside chance of promotion if they win their final 3 games. A win for Murphy's would also do neighbour's St. Monnina a massive favour. The Saints could leap frog Ballyholland into top spot if they win and Ballyholland lose.

No. 7 Duke Street have a chance to move up to 22pts if they can win against Forester's. Forester's have been a bit hit and miss all season but on their day can and have taken points from the top teams. No. 7 have home advantage so Forester's will be travelling to the coast in the search of 2 points. No. 7 will need to win their remaining 3 games to have any chance of bringing Premier Division pool to Warrenpoint.

Ballyholland trailed CWC B 3-2 but their unnerving ability to claw out results is one of the reasons their sitting top of the league. Amazingly they give away a 14 frame difference to 2nd placed St. Monnina. That is incredible but it shows they've been grinding out a lot of 5-3 wins.
Calium McParland beat Gerard McAvoy in his typical outrageous potting style for 1-0 CWC B.
Colm Sheepy Shields levelled before master tactician Kevin McGovern gave the Harps a 2-1 lead. Tommy Rooney and Brendan Healy beaten.
Emmet McParland levelled and former McGuigan's star Brian Campbell caused a stir when they gave the visitors a 3-2 lead and Ballyholland football club were looking a bit shell shocked. Jim McMahon and Manny Kelly the victims.
Giby Vettiankal is having another fantastic season and he levelled at 3-3 when he ousted Kieran Cunningham.

The brilliant Niall McQuillan beat Barry Kelland and the game swung back in Ballyhollands' favour at 4-3

The points were in the bag and top spot secured thanks to Brendan Keenan. He held his nerve against the talented but maybe over attacking Chris Cunningham