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Post Date : 27 Mar 2022 11:43 AM
Newry Pool 2022
Newry Pool is back up and running and there are three divisions. The Premier will once again be dominated by the big two CWC A and Different Strokes. D.F is now playing out of Cruppen Club and will definitely fancy themselves for the title. However, there is a quiet confidence among the new Trainors team playing out of Dans that not only will they be nobodys whipping boys, but with a fortress of a home venue and some sharp players like Tommy Mooney, Jamie Lavelle, and Ciaran Hanna to name just a few, they can steal the winner's trophy and bring it back to South Armagh. Now, with the eventual winner of the league being decided by a four way play off (fourth plays first, third plays second) every team has a chance! Paddy Tavey and co with their Dans team will also be nobodys fools and the favourites will have to be at their best to get the vital points. Ballyholland may feel a wee bit out of their depth but they have a couple of seasons under their belt and their players are good enough to beat any other player on their day. Whitecross again have the ability but will the Phelans be there to give the team a chance? So then there is a team we didnt mention. It is Keady sharks. Keady Sharks are led from the front by captain supreme and Newry Individual winner, Eddie McGaughey but apparently, the talent he has with him will blow the other Newry favourites out of the water. Time will tell but remember the fact a team can make it to fourth and then go on to win the Division should scare all the big boys! We will update the first and second division next and give a run down of the teams and the potential winners and losers...