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Post Date : 20 Sep 2022 04:36 PM
Pool League Half way
Just a quick message to update you on the latest with Newry Pool League. The League has reached halfway. we have already had our first games of the second half and a lot is taking shape. In the Premier League, Different Strokes are like a different team. Yet to register a loss or even a draw for that matter, they really are a top-class team. Will anyone beat them this year? On Thursday coming they face Trainors A. A hard task for Trainors made harder with them traveling across the road to 'Cruppen and the lion's den. Top four in the Premier League is not yet a forgone conclusion, as Diff. Strokes top the league followed by CWC. A, three points behind and the brilliant Dans Bar team who have some top players, coming next. The battle for fourth seems to be between Jamie Lavelles Quarter Bar and Kieran Hannas, Trainors A - hard to call but Jamie has the edge at the moment. Whitecross, Ballyholland have not matched the others but to their credit, they are hanging in there and remember are playing a higher standard than all the 18 teams below them. The first Division is a real race, with McGuigans topping the league and probably favourites, with Gerard McGuigan, Marty Conroy, Skippy Morgan, and Pat Byrne their live wires and also not to forget Damian Bud Flanagan, who has pulled them out of a few holes this year. Hustlers are just behind McGuigans and although a good team, they have lost to two of the middle of the table teams and will be a bit wary of the coming games. With players like Niall McVerry, Kevin Magee, and Sean Murray, they are a formable outfit and not many will be looking to play them if they make the playoffs. Bears, Cwc b, and Monnina A are all fighting close behind and when the top four is decided, someone is going to just lose out by a few points. Expect the pressure to grow as the remaining fixtures are fulfilled. The Divison two race is very close as well but John Magees Bosco B is still unbeaten in the league and ahead by four on the very good Millvale. Nifty Fifty and Foresters along with Trainors B are all shouting for a place in the top four! Talking about the top four. The team that tops their Division will play the fourth-placed team and the team that comes second will play the third-placed team, with the higher-placed teams getting home advantage for the semi-final. The committee has decided, with help and sponsorship from Newry Foresters, to have a finals night in which the three division finalist will play off all on the same night, in the Foresters. That's six of the top teams in their respective Divisions, battling it out for their League Title. This same night, the awards for other winners will be presented and we hope to make it an enjoyable night for all. Please download the latest App from the Apple or play store - search for ‘Newry Pool League’ and enjoy your pool. Best Regards, The Pool Committee If anyone wants added to the Pool whatsapp group just reply.