Individual Post

Post Date : 28 Oct 2022 12:25 PM
League Table standings 28/10/22
Next week, we start the Individual competition, with every division involved. The League Table standings show Different Strokes topping the Premier by 3 clear points (24) , having won all matches, not even a draw, and are in every competition! What a team. Can anyone beat them? Hustlers from the first Division came close in the Cup but close isn't good enough. As Bernie Magee said to Kevin from Hustlers that night as the game headed to the final frame ' Are you getting excited Kevin? don't bother! This turned out to be accurate as Different class - Different Strokes, through Harvey Lavelle, brought it home. Cwc A are second on 21points and safe for the play offs, as are Paddy Taveys, Dans bar team on 18 and 6 clear of the following two teams Quarter Bar on 12 and Trainors A on 11. These two teams, Trainors and Quarter Bar, interestingly have two games left, Trainors A are at home v Ballyholland, and Quarter Bar are away to Whitecross, (going by the previous form they both should pick up 2 points and sit exactly as they are now), Quarter Bar 1 point ahead of Trainors, which leaves the final match of the league an all or nothing game. A game Jamie Lavelle knows a draw would be enough to get them into the playoffs. So Kieran Hanna, Tommy Lavelle, Mark Trainor, Mark McSherry, Paul 'Gus' Hughes and Jim Bradley with another couple of lads Collie McLaughlin and Bob Mathers who hasn't been seen in a while, at least on the score sheets, need to pull the stops out and fight out a win! Whitecross and Ballyholland are out of the playoffs but can still dictate what happens with the next two games and going by last nights cards they both were just edged out in their matches with Trainors A (Whitecross) and Dans Bar (Ballyholland). So its all still to play for! If things go to script and the two teams do draw, they will face each other a second time to see who goes through to the playoffs. The first Division sees Hustlers on top (29) to McGugans (27) and safe for the playoffs. The next three teams, Bears (22) , St Monnina A (22) and CWC B (20) are all fighting for a place in their Division playoffs. Bears face CWC B and even if they lose, still look favourite to grab third place, as they play Nans in their last game leaving the fight between Monnina A and Cwc B an interesting one. Cwc B does need to pick up two points off the Bears or McGuigans to have any chance with Monnina A playing McGuigans and Hustlers last two games, which means if Monnina loses their two games and Cwc B beat Bears they will force a playoff with Monnina A to see who gets to the last four! All very confusing but it all adds to the craic! The second Division is as tight as the first with Bosco B (26) followed by Nifty Fifty (22), Trainors B (22) Millvale and Foresters on 20 each. So who will make the play offs? Bosco look secure as do the next tow Niftys and Trainors B, the fight seems to be between Millvale and the Foresters, both level on points and pushing for that fourth place. Their two last games, Foresters play St Monnina B and the Nifty Fiftys, with Millvale at home to Trainors B and having a bye in their last. So it might all boil down to Trainors B and Millvale but that means Foresters have to beat Niftys. Time will tell. My predictions: Premier League 1. Different Strokes 2 CWC A 3 Dans 4. Quarter Bar First Division: 1. Hustlers 2. McGuigans 3. Bears 4. St Monnina Second Division: 1. Bosco B 2. Nifty Fifty 3. and 4, Play off between Millvale and Trainors B for 3rd and 4th place. Next week is the Individuals 3/11/2022 and we will try to get something wrote up before then...