Post Date : Fri 10 Feb 2017 09:06 AM

Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly has dismissed claims by Arlene Foster that this 'election is about republicans trying to rewrite the past' as a ludicrous attempt to distract the electorate from the RHI scandal and sectarianise the election.

Gerry Kelly said:
"Arlene' Foster's comments last night are the latest attempt by the DUP to turn this into a green vs orange election.
"Her comments make it clear that what she is seeking is an investigation into conflict killings but not those carried out by state forces.
"She stated that there has been a focus on 'blaming' the state and rewriting history.
"I would like to point her towards the recent figures released by the PSNI and the PPS which contradict these claims.
"The PSNI figures show that just 30 per cent of their investigations are into state forces and the PPS figures reveal that seven republicans were prosecuted as opposed to just three soldiers.
"Sinn Féin's position has always been that an independent international truth commission be put in place to deal with the issue of legacy and enable victims and families to get the truth.
"Many families and victims wanted more and as such mechanisms were put in place under the Stormont House Agreement, to facilitate independent investigations, information recovery, storytelling and improved services for victims and survivors.
“These mechanisms are being blocked by the DUP and the British government.
"In any victim centred approach dealing with legacy the victims and families should be central to the process.
"There can be no amnesty, no one can be above the law." 
Post Date : Wed 08 Feb 2017 12:23 PM

Sinn Féin’s Fra McCann has said figures released by the Department of Communities showing a 5.8 per cent increase in people presenting as homeless shows the need for additional social housing.

The party's spokesperson on housing said:
"A housing bulletin released by the Department of Communities shows an increase of 5.8 per cent of people presenting as homeless. This highlights once again the need for additional social houses to be built.
"In the last recorded quarter 4,924 people presented as homeless.
"Thirty five per cent of those who presented were single males between the ages of 26 to 59 and 32 per cent were families.
"This has a huge impact on areas of high demand such as West Belfast, North Belfast and Derry and is also a slight increase on the same quarter last year.
"Sinn Féin has argued that major investment needs to be put into new builds in these areas.
"It is no longer good enough to say the private rented sector will take the slack.  
“Housing providers and the Minister need to concentrate on areas of high demand.
“Government departments also need to release land to make it easier for housing providers to build in communities where extreme need exists." 
Post Date : Tue 07 Feb 2017 01:42 PM
As brighter and longer days approach, what better time to discover the breathtaking Ring of Gullion.  Why not take your family along to make a nest box for your garden or get active with one of our volunteering opportunities.  
Events and Training
Fen Management training series at Brackagh NNR, Portadown
Varies dates
Brackagh NNR, Brackagh,
Moss Rd, Portadown
TCV are running a Fen Management training Series at Brackagh NNR, Portadown, It will be a mix of practical and theory sessions and cover topics such as scrub clearance and safe use of pesticides, managing nutrients in a wetland ecosystem and dip wells to monitor water levels.
Institute of Fundraising Introductory Certificate for Fundraisers
Thursday 9th February, 10.00am – 3.30pm. (£20. Lunch included)
Rural Community Network, 38a Oldtown Street, Cookstown.
Rural Community Network in partnership with the Northern Ireland Environment Link is offering an accredited training opportunity for the delivery of the Institute of Fundraisers (IOF) Introductory Certificate to Fundraising. The course is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Catalyst Umbrella Programme. Northern Ireland Environment Link delivers the programme through its “Investing in Northern Ireland’s Heritage” project.
Make a nest box for your garden
Saturday 11th February, 2.00pm - 4.00pm.
The Pastoral Centre, Jonesborough
Join the Ring of Gullion team and Ulster Wildlife for a nest box building workshop as part of National Nest Box Week. Attendees will get a chance to make their own nest box and bird feed to bring home and use.
Volunteer Opportunity – Site restoration of Glassdrumman Wood
Saturday 18th February, 2.00pm - 5.00pm.
Glassdrumman Wood 
The pupils and parents of St. Brigid’s Primary School, Glassdrumman need your help to clean up Glassdrumman Wood.  The pupils in the school have been working hard to establish the wood as a safe and inviting area for the local community to engage with nature, including getting a gravel path installed and clearing the site of litter.
One million trees in one day
Friday 10th February 2.00-5.00pm and Saturday 11th from 11.00am -1.00pm 
Slieve Gullion Forest Park
Although we're not able to give away any free trees this year, we will still acting as a distribution point for people who have booked and paid for their subsidised tree packs. This year will see another 10,000 trees planted in Gullion as part of this project. We are looking for volunteers on Friday 10th to help sort the trees into packs and on Saturday11th we need people in a variety of roles such as admin (making sure folks get the right trees), outreach (chatting about Gullion) and distribution (helping people pick out and load their trees). If you are willing to lend a hand contact or ring 028 30828594
Get Involved
Townland Voices
Over the past 8 months, we have been working with local schools to record short personal stories about individual townlands. We have recorded stories from around 80 of the 310 townlands in the Ring of Gullion but we want to fill in the gaps. If your family has lived in the same townland over the generations you will have stories we want to hear - it may be telling about your granda building his house, the name of the bull that lived in a field or how far you walked to school. For examples of some of those we have edited and uploaded see here. If you or your children want to record a story get in touch and we can lend out a recorder.
Lúnasa Festival Partner Search – Deadline 28th February 5pm
The Lúnasa Festival is a month-long festival taking place across the Ring of Gullion area during August.  It showcases the rich and diverse landscape, heritage and talents of the Ring of Gullion area through a wide range of indoor and outdoor events so that there is something for everyone. If you, your club or business would like to become a partner for a bigger and better Lúnasa 2017, further information and an application can be downloaded here or give us a call on 028 3082 8594. 
 Funding Opportunities
Looking for funding? You've come to the right place. 
This short registration form will give you immediate, free and unrestricted access to Newry, Mourne and Down District Councils comprehensive database of funding opportunities. You can browse or search for your own organisation, and also generate reports and save information on funding of interest. 
Applicants advised to prepare for Environmental Farming Scheme
Agriculture Minister Michelle McIlveen has announced a series of information events will take place in preparation for the Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) which is due to open at the end of February, subject to necessary approvals.  The Minister urged potential applicants to begin preparing for the scheme by attending one of the events.
Post Date : Tue 07 Feb 2017 10:03 AM

"Thanks a million folks and safe home”. If ever you left the Stables, the Commercial or the Kings Inn on any night over the years - that was the farewell greeting you got from the proprietor Gerry King when he let you out at closing time.

I could not say that you didn’t get a farewell or a thank you from any other establishment but I can say you always got it from Gerry. It’s a simple thing but one which said thank you for your custom which went a long way. Something you always remember.

Gerry passed away last week following an illness he fought bravely. Many club members would have spent many great times in his establishment from the running around years to the settled years and beyond. Gerry was a permanent fixture over that time. So Gerry all we can say to you now is thanks a million to you for your service to us and we know that you are now home safely.

The Executive Committee and Members wish to extend to his wife Carmel, his son’s and club members John and Gerard, son Charles and daughter Mary all our sincere sympathy for their loss. We also extend our sympathy to his brothers Raymond and Cyril, his sister Colette and the wide family circle at this time. Ar dheis de go raibh a anam dilis. 

On Thursday February 9th at 7.15pm sharp in St Malachys Primary School we will have our second coaching session in our "Back to basics" coaching course. All juvenile coaches and those from the club who are interested in becoming involved in juvenile coaching in all codes are invited to attend and please still come along even if you missed the first session.

This is a fantastic opportunity for both new and experienced coaches in an interactive session to learn new coaching skills and to brush up on your existing coaching skills. We would ask everyone to please avail of this opportunity and come along. The session will last one and a half hours. Look forward to seeing you there.

The clubs annual senior awards night will be held in the club rooms on Saturday 5th March. Special guest on the night is former Armagh player and double all star Oisín McConville. Tickets are £20 each and are available from Kevin Sweeney.

Senior hurling training will start this Thursday 9th at 7:30 in the Dublin road complex. All players new and old welcome.

Minor football training will also commence this week on Wednesday 8th, all players are asked to be in the Dublin road complex for 7:15.

On Monday 24th April a large cycle event called "Cycle against suicide break the cycle" will becoming to Castlewellan. The event will see the town host up to 250 cyclists and crew. This event organisers are looking for a number of local volunteers to host cyclists over night. If anyone would like to help in anyway possible please Anne McGowan via their website

This weeks lotto results are 14,15,18 and 20, there was no winner this week, next weeks jackpot is £3800. Tickets avaukble in usual outlets and in the clubrooms. 

Post Date : Tue 07 Feb 2017 09:54 AM
Armagh stroke survivor who had stroke at Rihanna concert urges people to act FAST 
Young stroke survivor Michele McGarry, from Lurgan, is joining the Stroke Association in calling for people across Northern Ireland to be more aware of the early warning signs of stroke, and to share the FAST message to help save more lives. 
The FAST Test identifies the three most common symptoms of a stroke and the right action to take:
  • FACE: Can the person smile? Has their mouth or eye drooped?
  • ARM weakness: Can the person raise both arms?
  • SPEECH problems: Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say?
  • TIME to call 999
Stroke at Rihanna concert 
Michele had a massive stroke in 2011 while attending a Rihanna concert with her teenage sister and friends. Michele was just 28 at the time. Michele collapsed and presented with the classic FAST stroke symptoms – one sided weakness, slurred speech, drooped face and lack of co-ordination. 
Shortly before collapsing Michele had dropped her drink and felt very weak in her left side. Her quick thinking friend noticed her symptoms straight away and she got help.. Michele is grateful that her friend knew the FAST signs and got help as quickly as possible.
Slurred speech and left sided weakness 
Michele describes her experience: “Shortly before this I kept dropping my drink which I had been holding in my left hand. I thought I was just being clumsy even though this happened quite a few times. I had had less than 2 drinks so I knew I couldn’t be drunk. Luckily I received instant medical attention. My friends alerted security who brought me to the medical room where an ambulance was called straightaway. My friend suspected immediately that I had had a stroke but no one could/would/wanted to believe it.
“I remember in the ambulance the girl kept asking me to squeeze her hand as hard as I could. As far as I knew I was squeezing her hand and I was frustrated that she kept asking me. I didn’t realise I had no power and I actually wasn’t squeezing her hand. I heard my sister, who was only 13 at the time, on the phone ringing people and crying. I tried to tell her it was OK. It was only when I tried to speak that I realised I wasn’t OK. I couldn’t say her name (Caitriona) properly and I couldn’t recognise my own voice- my speech was badly slurred. My face was also drooped, although I didn’t know this until much later”.
Michele was rushed from the concert to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast where she was immediately given a brain scan which uncovered a huge blood clot and doctors confirmed she was having a stroke. Michele received a clot busting treatment called thrombolysis  
Effects of stroke 
“Initially I had complete left side paralysis but the clot busting drug saved my mobility; had I not been diagnosed and treated so quickly I would not have been able to receive the drug which has to be administered within a few hours. I have nothing but high praise for the people who looked after me during this time”.
The long term effects of Michele’s stroke include problems with mobility, breathlessness, extreme fatigue, lack of coordination, concentration and memory problems.
FAST – life saver
Michele was told that the FAST actions of her sister, friends, and the medical professionals helped her saved her life. She says she feels lucky that she got medical attention so quickly. Most other Friday nights she would have been driving home from Dublin and the outcome could have been so different. 
Following her stroke, doctors discovered that Michele had atrial fibrillation (AF) – a type of irregular heartbeat that often goes undiagnosed. AF is a risk factor for stroke and was the cause of Michele’s stroke. Since then, Michele has also been diagnosed with a genetic heart condition – restrictive cardiomyopathy. Michele’s AF is proving very difficult to control and unfortunately she has spent a lot of time in hospital recently.
Despite these health challenges, Michele passed her final Chartered Accountancy exams just 1 year after her stroke. She is a member of the Stroke Association’s Young Women After Stroke group and is keen to raise awareness that stroke affects younger people.
Support from the Stroke Association
Michelle is a member of the Stroke Association’s Young Women After Stroke group, an innovative group which provides information and support to young people affected by stroke. Michele says: “This group has offered me a lifeline and helped to give me a new purpose in life. I have met other young women (who I now regard as some of my closest friends) that have been through similar experiences to me. 
“I look forward to our meetings, where we can share ideas, tips and questions. Since joining the group I have spoken at Stormont and appeared in a calendar! I would not even have had the confidence to do these things before my stroke, it is only with the support of the girls that I have been able to do so; this group empowers me and I feel blessed to be part of it”.
Brenda Maguire, Campaigns Manager at Stroke Association said: “Having a stroke is devastating. It can happen to anyone, of any age, at any time.
 Every second counts when you are having a stroke, so recognising the signs and calling 999 for an ambulance is crucial. A stroke is a medical emergency – as serious as a heart attack, so you need to seek immediate medical help. The quicker a person arrives at a specialist stroke unit, the quicker they will receive appropriate treatment to minimise the impact of their stroke. 
“We want more people in Northern Ireland to learn the FAST test and share it with their friends and family to help others to save lives, and improve the chance of a better recovery for those who experience stroke.”
To find out more about the FAST campaign, and to view information and support available, visit 
Post Date : Mon 06 Feb 2017 12:06 PM

The Southern Health and Social Care Trust today thanked the local community for their generous donations over the past 18 months. 

Over half a million pounds of voluntary donations and gifts was spent on equipment and services that will directly benefit patients and clients.  

Non-Executive Director Siobhan Rooney, Chair of the Trust’s Endowments and Gifts Committee said: “I would like to thank our local community for the donations and gifts they have generously made to services across the Trust. 

“Patients and clients have benefitted greatly as we can buy things that we would otherwise be unable to purchase such as; emergency clothing, additional hoists and high back chairs for wards and patient areas, as well as workshops, games, providing reflexology for patients and many more items. 

“Every donation large or small to our facilities and services is greatly appreciated. Endowments and Gifts funds are used on items to ensure patient comfort and extra equipment to enhance safe and quality care. 

“There are also numerous donations in memory of family members which have gone directly to facilities including day centres for adults with learning disabilities; services for older people and children and young people’s services.” 

Post Date : Mon 06 Feb 2017 11:59 AM

 Mooneys Lounge regain too spot

Division 1: 
Mooneys Lounge 5 Savages bar 1
Mooneys Lounge took on Savages bar on Friday night, savstravelled the short distance with thier heads high after a great draw against last week's league leaders O'Tooles. Mickey Croskery beat his nephew Jimmy Rooney for 1-0, this have Mooneys momentumand took the next 4, Eamon Clarke bearing M.Johnston, Alan Henderson beating Joe, Silver beating Colly Brennan and Jim Mc Nally 116 checkout beating Sean Croskery, Paul Valentine saved the white wash with a super game against Alan Cochrane. 
Lighthouse 3 O'Tooles 3.
Otooles traveled to Ardglass looking to improve from last week's draw, however the lighthouse were no push over. Connor Branniff, Paul Gilchrist, and Keiran Shields all winning for O'Tooles, Steven McCraken, Gerard Delaney and Danny Murphy getting a vital point for the light house. 
Gallaghers 1 Anchor bar 5.
The Anchor took control of this game from the off, taking the first 5 on the trot with each 2-0 wins, Kris Stratton, Pat White, Eamon O'Sullivan (180), Niel Collins and Paul Walsh, Ricky McAtter won the last for Gallagher to save the white wash. 
Division 2: 
Englishs bar 3 Bridge bar 2
With both teams only having 5 players it was essential to take control early, Donal O Connor won the first, but Mickey King replied with the best darts of the night from both divisions, winning 2-0 (180) 120 checkout 15 darts. Aiden Murray and Stephan Kearney both won to give Englishs the win. 
Mooneys Bar 2 Annsborough club 4
Mooneys Bar hosted the Boro , the first 4 games want the way of the home side with Mark McCann, Gerard Russell, Snuff from the town and Stephen Croskery all getting wins. Gerard Steele and his favourite nephew Rocky befor his rants stopped the whitewash. 
Four roads 3 Mullholland 3.
A very tight game from the score sheet, Garry O'Reily have the traveling side the lead despite great darts from Wayne Killan, the home side took the next 2 with Andy Hughes and Adrian Greaves, Ollie Doyle made it 2-2. Adrian Smith gave the home side advantage going into the last but David Trimble with a great last leg earned the traveling team a walk earned draw. 
Please see the Website for this week's coming fixtures.
The league would like to send it's condolences to Marty McMullan on the tragic loss of his brother Aidan. Thought with the entire McMullan family at this time. May he rest in peace. 
Post Date : Mon 06 Feb 2017 11:51 AM
Senior Men
Our senior men continue to train three times per week as they continue their preparations for the upcoming season.
Shanes Gaelic For Girls
Shanes Gaelic For Girls programme continued on Saturday morning with a fantastic total of 64 participants enjoying a varied range of skill drills and fun games under the guidance of our senior ladies’ players. The programme continues next Saturday morning at 11.00am at the field.
Minor Boys
Training for our minor boys continues this Thursday evening at 7.00pm sharp at the field. The minor league starts on 3rd April, the first round of the championship is scheduled for 7th August with the shield competition also scheduled for August.
U16 Boys
Our U16 boys have amalgamated with Correnshigo and Lisummon for the coming year and will be called Patrick Rankins. Training for the U16 boys begins this coming Thursday night, 9th February at 6.00pm in Correnshigo. All our U16 footballers are asked to meet at the Shane's at 5.40pm sharp on Thursday evening. The U16 league starts on 6th April, the first round of the championship is scheduled for 11th May with the shield competition scheduled for August.
U16 Girls
Circuit training for our U16 girls continues this Tuesday evening 31st Jan from 6.30pm to 7.45pm in Bessbrook Community Centre.
U14 Boys
This year our U14 boys have amalgamated with Correnshigo and Lisummon and will be known as Patrick Rankins. On Monday night, 6th February, all U14 players and their parents are asked to attend a meeting in the Shane's clubhouse at 7.00pm, to meet the players from the other clubs and discuss plans for the year ahead. The draw for the Féile competition was made last Thursday night and saw our U14 amalgamation drawn at home against St Enda’s in the Shield competition on Saturday 4th March at 2.00pm. The winners of this game will face either Tullysaran or Loughgilly Gaels. The league is due to start on 4th April, the first round of the championship on 2nd May with the shield competition scheduled for August.
U14 Girls
Our U14 girls continue indoor training this Wednesday evening from 7.30pm to 8.45pm at Cloughreagh Community Centre. Please contact Tara Byrne on 07397 540087 for further information.
U12 Boys
This year our U12 boys have also amalgamated with Correnshigo and Lisummon and will be known as Patrick Rankins. On Monday night, 6th February at 8.15pm, all U12 players and their parents are invited to a meeting in Lisummon clubhouse to meet the players from the other clubs and to discuss the plans for 2017.
U12 Girls
With our U12 girls’ management team now in place training will be getting underway within the next few weeks – keep an eye on the notes for more details.
Training for our U10 footballers continues on Sunday morning at 11.00am at the field.
Training for our U6 footballers continues this Wednesday evening at 6.00pm in Bessbrook Community Centre and all new boys and girls are welcome to attend.
Meabh O’Neill’s Camogie
Training for all camogs begins again this coming Tuesday evening, 10th January in the sports hall in St Paul’s from 6.00pm – 7.00pm. All new members from age 4 and upwards are welcome to attend.
Monthly Executive Monthly
The first monthly executive meeting of 2017 will take place in the clubhouse next Monday, 13th February at 8.30pm. All committee members are asked to attend.
Registration Morning
The club is holding a registration morning next Sunday 12th February from 11.30am - 1.00pm. The registration morning is for all players (senior & underage), members (current & past) and anyone else interested in becoming a member of the club. Membership rates are:
Senior Members: £30
Cairde Members: £15
OAPs: £15
U18s: £15 for 1st player and £10 for every other player
Scór Sinsear
If any club member over the age of 17 has any interest in representing the club in this year's Scór Sinsear in any of the following competitions:
1. Rince Foirne/Céilí or Figure Dancing
2. Amhránaíocht Aonair/Solo Singing - only one person required
3. Aithriseoireacht/Scéalaíocht Recitation/Storytelling - only one person required
4. Ceol Uirlise/Instrumental Music
5. Léiriú/Stage performance
6. Bailéad Ghrúpa/Ballad Group
7. Rince Seit/Set Dancing
8. Tráth na gCeist Ard Mhacha /Armagh GAA Quiz (3 person)
Please contact Mícheál Brady via email-
Referees Needed
If anyone associated with the club fancies becoming a referee and officiating at underage football (and earning a few quid along the way) please contact Brendy Osborne for further information.
Well Done
Well done to the Mackin sisters, Aimee and Blaithin, who were part of the Armagh senior ladies team which defeated Cork in the National League on Sunday afternoon. Well done also the Greg McCabe who was part of the Armagh senior men’s team which drew with Sligo in the National League on Sunday afternoon.
Cairde Sheáin Uí Néill
The club is actively encouraging more people to sign up to the Cairde Sheáin Uí Néill scheme at a cost £10.00 per month. This money goes directly towards club development schemes and over the past number of years has helped to upgrade the playing surface on the main field, construct a new training pitch, partly contribute to the new concrete driveway and will hopefully help to begin construction on the new walkway around the field.
At £10.00 per month we feel it is a very easy, worthwhile and beneficial scheme to sign up to. For further information, please contact Brendy Osborne (07543 806274) or pm the Shane O'Neill's Facebook page.
Last week’s winning lotto numbers were 4, 9, 16 & 22. There were no jackpot winners and 4 x match three winners. The jackpot now stands at £5,000.
The club would like to offer its sympathy to the family of Brenda Darcy from Bessbrook who has passed away. Mrs Darcy was grandmother to our former senior players Ronan and Gavin McAnulty and several other underage players.
Post Date : Mon 30 Jan 2017 09:43 AM

Thanks to all those juvenile coaches who attended the coaching course on Thursday night past. Thanks to Liam and Paddy for such an enjoyable and informative session. Thanks also to St Malachy's Primary School for the use of their facilities. The next course will be on Thursday 9th February at 7pm venue to be confirmed. All club juvenile coaches welcome. 

On Saturday past some of our juvenile member made the journey to Corrigan park in Antrim to watch current All Ireland Hurling champions Tipperary. The event was on of many this weekend to celebrate the life of Nenagh born Fr Alex Ried. A great day was had by all, thanks to those who took time out to take them to the event.   

The clubs annual senior awards dinner has been set for Saturday 4th March, further details will follow, look out on the clubs facebook page and I'm next week's notes. 

Saturday night last the club hosted Mr& Mrs for the Senior footballers. On the night 3 couples took part, there was some very very intresting answers to the questions. It is great to see one couple have a soft spot for former Armagh footballer Francis Bellew.  A great night was had by all. 

The club would like to extend deepest sympathy to the King family on the passing of their father and husband Gerard. Gerard is survived by his wife Carmal, daughter Mary, sons John, Gerard and Charles. May he rest in peace. 

Lotto numbers this week are: 1,11,18,19. There was no jackpot winner, with 2 £20 winners, Chris King and Declan Fitzpatrick, next week's jackpot £3800. 

Photo: Juvinile club members with 3 time All Star Séamus Callanan in Corrigan Park. 

Post Date : Mon 30 Jan 2017 09:32 AM

Excellence Awards 2017…do you know someone who has made a difference?

Southern Trust launches this year’s Excellence Awards 

Do you know a member of health and social care staff who has provided exceptional treatment and care for you or your relative? 

The Southern Health and Social Care Trust has launched the Excellence Awards for 2017 and is asking for members of the public to play their part and nominate a member of staff who has made a big difference to their lives for the People’s Choice Award. 

Siobhan Rooney, a non-executive director with the Trust, and chair of the Excellence Awards committee, said: “The staff excellence awards recognise those staff who make such a difference to patients and clients by going that extra mile. You may wish to acknowledge staff who work in hospital, come to your home, are based in health centres or day centres, or who work as support staff – porters, domestics, drivers or clerical workers.” 

“The People’s Choice award is for Trust employees who have demonstrated to a patient, client or relative exceptional care – maybe kindness, professional expertise or expert care which has made a difference in their life.” 

The judges will be particularly looking for evidence of:

·         Putting the safety, needs and welfare of service users first

·         Ensuring service users feel valued and cared for

·         Treating service users with respect, dignity and compassion

·         Going above and beyond the call of duty

Do you know someone who deserves this award?

How do I nominate?

Complete a Nomination Form, available on the Trust’s website:

E-mail: or Tel: 028 3756 4159 if you would like to receive the form by post. 

The closing date is 5pm on Monday 6 March 2017.

The overall winner will be announced on Wednesday 14 June 2017. 

Photo Caption: Staff and clients of the Southern Area Family Nurse Partnership Programme, join with the Trust Chair, Roberta Brownlee to launch this year’s Excellence Awards. Do you know someone who has made a difference – why not nominate for the People’s Choice award?