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Post Date : Sun 02 Apr 2017 09:55 PM
Newry Pool League Individuals Blog

The individuals draw never ceases to throw up a cracker or two and round 2 of the Destination Newry sponsored 2017 championship has just gone and done it again.
Raymond McKenna (CWC A) must be thinking the pool God's are working against him this year after he drew Manny Byrne (TJ's A) in round 2. 2015 runner-up McKenna has already beaten TJ's A captain Laurence McAlinden (a semi-finalist last year) and his CWC A team mate Stephen Rooney. Manny Byrne came through a tricky looking 1st round tie against TJ's Tigers' best player Gavin McNally 2-0.
Another tasty draw is Premier Division table topping team mates Paddy Clarke verses Paddy Tavey. Both playing out of CWC it's a draw neither of them would have hoped for but it's great for the neutral.
As that wasn't enough of a treat 2 more CWC A heavy weights will clash. Paul 'Bunty' O'Callaghan will take on Pat 'the bookie' Brady. When we said heavy weight's we weren't joking. No not like that - we mean both players are multiple singles champions. These guys were also Corrinshego team mates when they dominated the pool scene. This should be a cracker.

Down to the previews now and 1st out of the hat was a Nan's derby:

Both 2-0 winners last time out. Nugent was impressive against Sean Donnan but McClenaghan had an ever better win against Premier Division stalwart and league Chairman Kevin Magee.
Pat McClenaghan is a super potter and is bang on form. He will go for the finish without hesitation.
Mike Nugent is a good potter too but relies more on safety and trying to lay snookers before he goes game.
Both players are in hot form but if McClenaghan can get flowing he should edge a tight contest.

Rice recently beat Stephen Rooney of CWC A in their league encounter and saw off tough opponent Mervyn Kernaghan in the 1st round of the singles. Byrne had a slightly easier game against Brendan McCabe but he and Rice both were 2-0 winners.
Although Sean Rice hasn't been prolific for TJ's Tigers this year he can certainly cause an upset here. He will need a good run of the ball though.
Tristan Byrne is a joy to watch. Outrageous pots and positional play that looks like the white is on a string. The majestic Tristan Byrne should be far too good here.

Manny Byrne beat Gavin McNally 2-0 while Raymie McKenna beat Stephen Rooney 2-1 in the 1st round.
2015 runner-up McKenna took on the inaugural winner in its current format Manny Byrne in the tie of the round. The game was evenly poised at 1-1 when Manny Byrne broke and cleared for a stunning 2-1 win and book his place in round 3.

Jimmy MvVerry was tipped here to upset the odds and beat a useful Tommy O'Hanlon - which he duly obliged 2-1. Gareth McCann had an easier, routine win over Gerard Foley 2-0 in round 1.
McVerry has been in good steady form all season. The Dan's player has bags of experience and has a good tactical game to back up his fine potting ability.
McCann is also coming into good form after a shakey start to the season. He will go straight for the game even when it's not on. Just like McVerry he does not lack confidence on the table.
This will be another close match but McVerry's patience might be key. McCann goes on a potting spree and doesn't clear McVerry will punish for sure. McCann's style will suit McVerry and another Premier Division scalp could be the prize for Division 1 McVerry.

Ralph Crummy cruised past Dean Haughey 2-0 while opponent Niall McVerry beat tough Premier opposition Brian Campbell a comprehensive 2-0 in round 1 as well.
Crummy is a good attacking player with sharp potting his strong point. McVerry is one of the best single ball potters in the Premier Division.
This should be another really exciting high quality game and McVerry will rightly be favourite here and could squeeze through after 3 frames.

We fancy Harvey to just about make it into round 3 after a really exciting match.

Paddy Clarke ditched a fancied Shane McAllister 2-0 last time out and Paddy Tavey also won 2-0 against Mark Maguire.
Will the all out attacking style of Clarke win or will it be the more cagey Tavey?
Paddy Clarke is the New Armagh singles Champion after winning the final 7-5 in Regal Portadown tonight (Sunday). Clarke will be bursting with confidence. Clarke won't fancy getting involved in a tactical exchange with Tavey and will develop the table straight away and go game.
Tavey is back in the CWC team and playing and more importantly winning week in week out. He's taking out deadly finishes and this is going to be another cracker.
Make no bones about Tavey can win. He needs to go in with absolute belief. This game could go all the way but Clarke is can have the white on a string when at his best and should prevail.

Adrian Annett beat Damien Flanaghan 2-0 while Seamus Keenan beat Cailim McParland 2-0 in round 1.
This is Usain Bolt verses Mo Farah. Ok more like the 'Hare verses the Tortoise'!
Adrian Annett is quick round the table and will go for his shots with a good attacking game.
Seamus Keenan is slow but he is precise. His results have been fantastic from the turn of the year and goes in to this one with confidence high.
Again this one is a tough call. The window fitter Keenan might just get his dreams shattered as the fast, generous table in McGuigan's should suit Annett.

TRAINOR'S Camlough
Martin O'Callaghan defeated a spirited Shane McVerry 2-1 while Aaron O'Callaghan beat Mickey O'Hanlon 2-0 in round 1.
Although not related these two do have more in common than their surname.  Both will be going for the outrageous finish straight from the break. You won't need the stopwatch to referee this game as it's going to be a shoot-out at the OK Corral. The super fast table will suit these two players perfectly.
Both can mix it in extreme circumstances but Marty O'Callaghan has the more experience and is having a stunning season in the top flight and so he has to start favourite.

Paul 'Bunty' O'Callaghan cruised 2-0 over Kieran Loughran while Pat Brady was made to work a bit harder for his 2-1 win in round 1.
Both players are superb potters and know the game inside out. O'Callaghan is enjoying a good season with CWC A and the excellent potting table in Trainor's will suit his game.
Pat Brady will rarely rush into a finish unless he is beyond doubt he will clear. Loves looking for 2 shots and when it comes to tactics he is the master.
This has the potential to be a very tactical match unless the balls split very kindly. Either way Brady has that extra bit of class and could edge it on a decider.

Jason Lennon beat the in form Mark Trainor in the 1st round 2-0 and Davy Hanna beat team mate Matty Cartmill 2-1 last time out.
Davy Hanna must defeat another TJ's Tigers team mate if he is to progress to the 3rd round. Lennon is a more difficult proposition though. Lennon will by buoyed by his league win over Newry Pool icon Kieran McMahon.
Hanna win need to deploy some tactical skills because he sure win out pot Lennon.
Can Davy Hanna cause a shock again? It's doubtful and Jason Lennon should squeeze through after 2 close frames.

Declan McMahon dumped Charlie Broughton 2-0 in round 1 while opponent Martin McClelland came through a tough game against Billy O'Neill 2-1.
Both players are stepping up a class from their 1st round games. The tjs/CWC aspect gives the game added spice.
McMahon is not only a deadly potter but has a tactical game that rarely gets a mention. McMahon is a multiple overall champion and has a top drawer all-round game.
McClelland brings to the table superb potting ability and is well capable of the big finishes.
McMahon has the edge on experience and his ability to slow McClelland down if he tries to out pot him could be crucial. The Postie McMahon should deliver the goods here in a very high quality game.

TJ's Table 1
Emmett defeated Eddie Heaney 2-1 and John Magee hammered Pat Byrne 2-0.
Emmett Fearon will be quietly delighted with this draw. He is a fantastic potter even though he hasn't a clue where the white ball is going.
John Magee had a brilliant win last time out and Fearon is of similar style so this will be nothing new. John will be hiding the white and covering pockets and he loves that type of game.
Fearon is a far superior potter and the ex-Killeavy player should edge an intriguingly good game.

Alan Burke will have been delighted to have beaten South Armagh compatriot Martin McVeigh in the 1st round 2-0. Tommy Mooney struggled but eventually overcame promotion rival Brendan McNally 2-1.
An Alan Burke playing regularly and with confidence would relish this clash. He was one of Whitecross' best ever players and got to the final of the old Division 2 singles. Alan is an attacking player and won't hang about in long tactical battles.
Tommy Mooney has one of the best records in Division 1 this year.  An ex-Corrinshego player he has craft and guile to back up his brilliant potting. Mooney won't want a tactical match either so this should be quick.
Tommy Mooney is flying and playing full of confidence. Alan Burke might nick a frame but this is Mooney's to lose.

Both these players beat top opponents last time out 2-0. Thomas Hughes defeated Cathal McCoy while Tommy Lavelle had an excellent win over Stevie Noade.
Thomas Hughes is a steady player and is one who takes his time and thinks about his shots. He is good and working round the balls and has a tight safety game. Lack of game time could be a problem for the CWC A player.
Tommy Lavelle is one of Carrickcruppen's top performers since the turn of the year. Just like Hughes he has a good all-round game. Excellent potter and tactically very astute.
These 2 have similar styles and will happily slug it out for 20mins per frame. Lavelle is playing more regular and this cutting edge could be the difference in a close encounter.

PADDY O'CALLAGHAN v PETER TAVEY Paddy O'Callaghan beat Ciaran O'Neill 2-0 in round 1 and Peter Tavey won the biggest scalp of the 1st round when he beat multiple overall winner Cathal Phelan.
Paddy O'Callaghan took a while to settle in Carrickcruppen but now he's one of their most important players. No doubt about O'Callaghan's style. He is all about attacking pool. 8 ball finishes might are all he sees and his superb potting always gives him a chance.
Peter Tavey didn't need to play well to beat Cathal Phelan because the latter was terrible last time out. Tavey will need to slow O'Callaghan and cover pockets. He is well capable of executing this ploy. He's no bad potter and goes into this game confident of another shock result.
Can lightening strike twice? Not likely for the Dan's player. Paddy O'Callaghan will definitely get a tough game but 2-0 should be the result for Pat.

TJ'S table 2
Noel Bradley beat Shane Durnin 2-1 while Ciaran Hanna strolled past Chris McKeown 2-0.
Noel Bradley will need to up his game for this match. Bradley has won his fair share in Trainor's title push but he has been far from unbeatable.  Bradley has a good all-round game but would prefer an open table as he does like attacking pool.
Ciaran Hanna has been steady but again he has plenty of losses this season.  Hanna is a chip off the old block in that he loves going for big pots and big finishes. He's just not quite at the level of his Da yet.
Bradley will know there was tougher draws out there for him but if Ciaran Hanna can get in the groove he will win this.

Ciaran Morgan beat Joe Magill 2-1 and Micky Cunningham also won 2-1 v Richie Crawford.
Ciaran Morgan has been in fine form since he joined Sheepbridge before Christmas. He has a very tight safety game but it's his attacking pool that makes him dangerous. He has a good cue action and long pots pose no problem. Good all-round game and is hard to beat.
Micky Cunningham will know this is a tricky assignment. Cunningham can play a good tactical game and might need it to win this. Cunningham had a good run last year taking on his pots and could well have beaten Larry McAlinden in the 2016 comp so he won't be a push over.
This is a tough one to call but Cunningham can make Morgan pay if he doesn't doesn't take out those big finishes he likes. The Secretary to win this on a decider.

Brendy Devlin had a tough 2-1 win over Adrian Murphy while Terry McNally beat the tricky Diamuird Lonergan 2-0.
Brendan Devlin will be looking to dish out some revenge for his team mate Lonergan who got ko'd by McNally in round 1. Devlin is a different dish and is a brilliant potter and will go for the big finishes.
Terry McNally is a good cueiest and a great potter. He loves a good tactical battle too and sometimes gets himself dragged into a slugfest when he could be finishing games.
Devlin won't be getting stuck in 20 minute frames but his open style could be playing into McNally's hands. Another good close match but McNally could nick it in 3.

Killian McDonald beat a useful Paul Murphy 2-0 while Bernie Magee hammered team mate Damian McArdle 2-0.
Killian McDonald is one of the best players in Division 2 and we new he'd give Murphy his full of it in the 1st round. McDonald is a tremendous potter with decent shot selection.
Bernie Magee is the king of the grinding. He might not be the best potter in the world any more but he's still one of the hardest to beat.
McDonald may have moved up 2 Division's to beat Murphy but he won't have played many as determined as Bernie Magee. Magee will grind this out even if McDonald can take it to a decider.

Karl McGuinness beat Benny Hoey 2-0 while Liam Bradley beat Brendan McVerry 2-1
Karl McGuinness beat Liam Bradley 2-1 in this prearranged game. Bradley had his chances to take this but in the end McGuinness took his chances to progress to the 3rd round.

Seamus McVerry eased 2-0 v Gerard Harte while Richie Taylor beat a very dangerous PJ McDaniel 2-1.
Last year's winner is still on a crest of a wave and is winning games with ease in Division 1. Seamus McVerry showed nerves of steel to win the title but it was his wonderful potting and eye catching finishes that stood out. He is more that capable of taking his time and playing the tactical side.
Richie Taylor is playing the best pool of his career at the minute and if he can hit form this will be a great match. Taylor is prone to have nights off when he can't pot a ball. Maybe changing nappies is tiring him out.
Richie Taylor is going to need to be bang on form to win this but common sense says McVerry will be too good on the night.

Paul Hughes scraped past decent potter Philip Murphy while Lee Irvine beat a talented Willie Andrews 2-0.
Paul Hughes showed in the last round he can grind out a win. His league showing against mid-table Bears on Thursday proved when he's bad, he is horrendous. After missing a hanging black and going on to lose on re-spot black it's hard to get excited by Hughes' prospects.
Lee Irvine is one of those unspectacular players that always plays the right shot. Good safety game and can take out a big finish. Also has nerves of steel and Irvine would need to have a proper terrible night not to win this one.

Barry McAllister beat Ryan McElroy 2-0 and Shane Phelan cruised 2-0 against a decent James Clarke.
Barry McAllister is the perfect example of inconsistency. One week a lethal potter next week can't pot a ball. He doesn't mind a good tactical battle but prefers a potting frame.
Shane Phelan won't want a long drawn out frame and prefers to go for his shots. Not afraid to go for a finish but his lack of game time with CWC could be costly.
This is going to be close. If Shane Phelan can get into his groove he should squeeze through possibly on a decider.

Gavin Malone defeated Niall Connolly while Rony O'Relly had a good win over Sean McKevitt, both 2-1
Gavin Malone is another of those inconsistent players. Can play some superb pool then miss a sitter. Generally an attacking player who likes to open frames early and take the on the finish. Can play a tactical game too though.
Rony O'Reilly is of a similar style. He can go on a potting spree and miss an easy one. Not as prolific as he was last year but a formidable player when on form. O'Reilly will be going for his finishes and this should be a quick game.
The more open the frame is the more it will suit Ronan O'Reilly. But if Gavin Malone can slow him down he could take this on a decider.

Neil Heaney had a good 2-0 win over Seamus McGeoghegan in the 1st round while Stevie Teggart beat Paul Kelland 2-0.
Neil 'The baby faced assassin' Heaney is moving up a class here. Heaney is a very attacking player. Very good potter and will take the finishes on. Only his positional play is suspect and his tactical side won't fear Teggart.
Stevie Teggart has a very powerful all round game. Outrageous potter and a tactical game that is the envy of most players. Sometimes runs into problems when he turns down a finish he's well capable of producing. Among the favourites for the title and rightly so.
Stevie Teggart is a cut above most players in the Premier Division and he should win this with a bit to spare.

Jimmy O'Hare beat Gavin Murphy 2-1 and David Cromie beat Cathal Murphy 2-1 as well.
Jimmy O'Hare is a crafty player who knows his way around the table. He's enjoying a good season with Nan's so he's playing with confidence. O'Hare is an excellent potter but is great at getting snookers which might come in handy against David Cromie.
Orchard ace David Cromie is good for a snooker himself but it's his game is based on potting and taking out big finishes.
Cromie will have to much for O'Hare and his quality should shine through in a tough match.

Tommy Rooney overcame fellow top Division 2 player Ryan Diamond. Jamie Lavelle cruised past Stephen McSherry 2-0.
Tommy Rooney is having a dream season with CWC B. He's smashed all before him with some stunning pool. Rooney is a strong all-rounder. He will have no problem taking on an 8 ball finish and if he needs 2 shots he's good enough to get them.
Jamie Lavelle is the star of a Carrickcruppen team that's in disarray.  Lavelle is a brilliant potter which is destroying a lot of opponents this season. He has a decent safety game too and when he's on form is a match for anybody.
Tommy Rooney is a tough game for anyone but Jamie Lavelle is probably a step to far for him. This could go all the way but Lavelle is a dark horse for the title and should make it to round 3.

Noel Donaldson beat some people's dark horse Kieran Hanna 2-1 while Leigh McAlinden beat the talented James O'Hagan also 2-1.
What a signing Noel Donaldson has been for Whitecross. He is a brilliant potter and never shy's away from a pot. Always looking to finish the game at every visit. Donaldson won't be looking a tactical battle but he might need to on Tuesday night.
Leigh McAlinden was able to curb the potting instincts of James O'Hagan and it's going to be the same again with Donaldson. McAlinden is a very good potter but it's his tactical game that will be key for him.
Noel Donaldson has been a joy to see this season and with his potting ability he should have the edge. Leigh McAlinden will definitely give him a tough game but it should be a Donaldson win.

Gerard McGuigan beat Mark Pentony 2-0 while Kieran McMahon squeezed past Raymond Magee 2-1 in the 1st round.
Gerard McGuigan is having a really lacklustre season. His 'One year only' side have struggled badly and he's personally has been dreadful. McGuigan will go for all the pots but the accuracy just isn't what it was. Tactically he is decent but so is his 2nd round opponent.
Kieran McMahon is a Newry Pool icon and is the bookies favourite. The snooker player is lethal in amongst the balls and his long potting is 2nd to none. His tactical play is right up there with the best and 'The Machine' will be hard to stop.
Gerard McGuigan will need to play out of his skin to keep this close but common sense says McMahon should cake walk this.

James Toner battled past Collie McCann 2-1 while Jack Courtney had an easier 2-0 over Oran Keenan.
James Toner is certainly an exciting prospect. If the ball break nice there's no doubt the talent is there to beat Jack Courtney. Toner is brilliant potter and is looking for the big finish all the time. He can be inconsistent but if the good Toner shows up then pool fans are in for a treat.
Jack Courtney was runner-up 3-2 last year and he's getting closer every season.  He's not been at his best as married life has curtailed his practice on the baize. Courtney is another exciting potter and his positional play is excellent. He's missed a few pots he'd normally make so is this the opportunity for James Toner?
Jack Courtney can have an off day and still win. James needs the balls well spread round the table and he could cause an upset. Courtney should be too experienced to let this slip tho and the TJ's man might win on a decider.

Gary Powell beat a Danny Cinamond 2-1 in the 1st round while Anthony Morgan beat Brian O'Neill 2-0.
Gary Powell has had a decent season with Bears and is in confident mood. A good potter, he enjoys good open pool and so does his opponent.
Anthony Morgan when he's on form can be brilliant. He's enjoying a good season and his potting is top drawer. Neither player will want to be stuck in a tactical battle so I don't this this match will take too long.
Both these players are very evenly matched. Morgan had that long unbeaten run before Christmas and if he can rekindle that spirit and skill he could nick this but it's definitely going to be a good tight game.