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Post Date : Tue 05 Dec 2017 02:25 PM
Newry Darts League Sectional Individuals Results.

Newry Dart League.

Sponsored by CLARA Aparthotel Bulgaria.

Sectional Individuals Results.


@ Boyds Bar Up/Stairs Board.

Winner - Keiran Gallagher (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

R/Up - John Morgan (Boyds A)

@ Bellinis Board 5.

Winner - Gerardo McCartney (Boyds A)

R/Up - Liam Bradley (Hibs A)

@ Newry INF.

Winner - Mickey Donnelly (Hibs A)

R/Up - Tristan Byrne (Magees A)

@ Magees Bar.

Winner - Cathal Rooney (Indo)

R/Up - Paul Quinn (Magees A)

@Indo Stage Board.

Winner - Paddy McCumiskey (Cloughmor Inn)

R/Up - Anto McCabe (Indo)

@ Newry AOH(Hibs) Up/Stairs Board.

Winner - Tommy Mooney (Indo)

R/Up - Robert McLoughlin (Cloughmor Inn)

@ Gap of the North. Winner -

Tommy McCartney (Boyds A)*Holder*

R/Up - Shane McGuirk (Boyds A)

@ Bellinis Borad 8.

Winner - Napier Boyce (Hibs A)

R/Up - Jim Rowland (Hibs B)


@ Carrickcruppen GAC Main Board.

Winner Thom Ingle (Maddens Bar A)

R/Up - Francie Kelly (McGuigans Bar)

@ Maddens Bar.

Winner - Francie O'Hare (Ballyholland INF)

R/Up - Dessie Rocks (Cwc A)

@ McGuigans Bar Down/Stairs.

Winner - Steven Ling

R/Up - Mark Daly (Railway Bar)

@ Indo Floor middle Board.

Winner - Darren Carroll (Maddens Bar A)

R/Up -Ivan O'Neill (McGuigans Bar)

@ Trainors Camlough Board 1 Backroom.

Winner - Hugh O'Hare (Ballyholland INF)

R/Up - Ciaran Jennings (Railway Bar)

@ Carrickcruppen GAC Board 2.

Winner - Martin O'Sullivan (1st & Last W/Point)

Eddie McGarry (Carrickcruppen GAC)

@Trainors Camlough Board 3 Backroom.

Winner - Gary McKeown (Cwc A)

R/Up - Jonny Quinn (Cwc A)

@ McGuigans Bar Up/Stairs Board.

Winner - Micheal McKeown (Trainors Camlough)

R/Up - Austin Thompson (Trainors Camlough)


@ Armaghdown Bar.

Winner - Martin McCartney (Gap of the North)

R/Up - Jimmy McMahon (Armaghdown Bar)

Winner - Sean Judge (Forkhill GFC A)

R/Up - Kevin Thompson (Killeavy GAC)

@ Windmill Bar..

Winner - Barry Matthews (Windmill Bar)

R/Up - Martin Carlon (Magees Bar)

Winner - Anthony Reynolds

R/Up - Frank Bagnall (Glenn GAC)

@ Quinns Camlough..

Winner - Michael Kavanagh (Armaghdown Bar)

R/Up - Nicky Pender (Forkhill GFC A)

Winner - Richie Carlon (Magees Bar)

R/Up - Robbie Irwin (Armaghdown Bar)

@ Bellinis Board 2.

Winner - Vincie Comp in (Windmill Bar )

R/Up - Dominic Campbell (Quinns Camlough)

Winner - Davy McCutcheon (Windmill Bar)

R/Up - Thomas Crilly (Killeavy GAC)


@ Cavern Bar. .

Winner - Alvin Wallace (Port Bar)

R/Up - Kenny Galbrath (Cavern Bar)

Winner - Peter Magill (Slieve Gherkin)

R/Up - Oliver Mynes (Slieve Gherkin)*Holder*

@ Trainors Newry Main Board.y)

Winner - Noel Larkin (Trainors Newry)

R/Up - Pat McCourt (Howes Bar Omeath)

Winner - Cathal McCoy (Cavern Bar)

R/Up - Shane Copeland (Cavern Bar)

@ Boyds Bar Down/Stairs.

Winner - Niall Brown (Howes Bar Omeath)

R/Up - Richie Carlon jnr (Trainors Newry)

Winner - Davy Brown (Boyds B)

R/Up - Victor Henning (Boyds B)

@ Trainors Newry Board 1.

Winner - Glenn Porter (Port Bar)

R/Up - Alan Copeland (Cavern Bar)

Winner - Karl Feenan (Cavern Bar)

R/Up - Gerry Keirans (Howes Bar Omeath)


@ Nan Rices.

Winner - Joey Magill (Cwc B)

R/Up - John Anderson (Bears)

Winner - John Bradshaw (Nan Rices)

R/Up - Stephen McArdle (Seasiders INF C)

@ Newry AOH(Hibs) Down/Stairs Board.

Winner - Shane McVerry (Trainors Heroes)

R/Up - Brendan Hawley (Cwc B)

Winner - Barry McAnulty (Nan Rices)

R/Up - Eddie Heaney (Bears)

@ Cwc.

Winner - David Loughran (Bears)

R/Up - John McCartan (Nan Rices)*Holder*

Winner - Aidan O'Hagan (Cwc B)

R/Up - Arthur McCafferty (Trainors Heroes)

@Trainors Camlough Main Bar Board.

Winner - Joe McCourt (Bears)

R/Up - Jacqueline McKeown (Trainors Heroes)

Winner - Tommy O'Hanlon (Cwc B)

R/Up - Chris Doyle (Trainors Heroes)