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Post Date : Mon 20 Nov 2017 10:00 PM
Newry Dart League Sectional Individuals Friday 24th Nov 2017..

Newry Dart League.

Sponsored by CLARA Aparthotel Bulgaria.

Re-arranged League Games to be played on Friday 24th Nov.

Division 3.

Ti Chulainn B M/Bawn v Ballyholland Harps GAC

Division 4.

3 Steps B v Maddens Bar B

Newry Dart League.

Sponsored by CLARA Aparthotel Bulgaria.

Sectional Individuals to be played on Friday 24th Nov.

All Draws to be done on the night by the Referees in charge at each venue.

Draws to be done at 9:30pm SHARP. Not there not in Draw.

PREMIER DIVISION.(Best of 5x501 Bull Up for Darts)

1 Player to Qualify from each Section in Premier Division.

@ Boyds Bar Up/Stairs Board.Referees:John Morgan & Kevin Woods.

Keiran Gallagher (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

Jimmy McManus (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

Justin McKevitt (Boyds A)

Paddy Kearney (Indo)

John Morgan (Boyds A)

Kevin Woods (Hibs B)

Niall McVerry (Hibs B)

Damian Quinn (Cloughmor Inn)

Jerome Magee (Hibs A)

@ Bellinis Board 5. Referees:Liam Bradley & Gerard McCartney.

Paul Magone (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

Liam Bradley (Hibs A)

Peter Grennan (Hibs A)

Brendan Loughran (3 Steps A)

Joe Murphy (Indo)

Brian McCoy (3 Steps A)

Gerard O'Brien (Hibs B)

Gerard McCartney (Boyds A)

Seamus Rooney (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

@ Newry INF. Referees:Miceal McEvoy & Tristan Byrne.

Mickey Donnelly (Hibs A)

Paul Doran (Hibs B)

Paul Doran (Cloughmor Inn)

Kevin McGivern (Hibs B)

Damien Keenan (Hibs B)

Donal Fegan (Hibs A)

Miceal McEvoy (Boyds A)

Brandan Galvin (3 Steps A)

Tristan Byrne (Magees A)

@ Magees Bar. Referees:Marty McParland & Cathal Rooney.

Dee Dutton (Magees A)

Marty McParland (Magees A)

Enda McConville (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

Cathal Rooney (Indo)

Chris Craven (Hibs B)

Steve Noades (Magees A)

Paul Quinn (Magees A)

Hugh Greene (Cloughmor Inn)

Mickey Morgan (3 Steps A)

@ Indo Stage Board. Referees:Martin Carvill & Anto McCabe.

Martin Carvill (Boyds A)

Thomas Colter (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

Pat White (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

Ray Harte (Indo) Alby Kelly (Hibs A)

Anto McCabe (Indo)

Ciaran Moley (Hibs A)

Alex Kelly (Magees A)

Paddy McComiskey (Cloughmor Inn)

@ Newry AOH(Hibs) Up/Stairs Board.Referees:Tommy Mooney & Mark McEvoy.

Mickey Greene (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

Kevin Coulter (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

Mark McEvoy (Hibs B)

Chris McClure (Boyds A)

Micheal Gallagher (Cloughmor Inn)

Robert McLoughlin (Cloughmor Inn)

Ciaran Keenan (Boyds A)

Alan Reenan (Cloughmor Inn)

Billy Havern (Hibs B)

Tommy Mooney (Indo)

@ Gap of the North. Referees:Tommy McCartney & Alan Dullaghan.

Paul Tuite (Magees A)

Alan Dullaghan (Boyds A)

Raymond O'Brien (Hibs A)

Shane McGuirk (Boyds A)

Johnny Lawlor (Cloughmor Inn)

Gareth Kilgallon (3 Steps A)

Mickey McMahon (Indo)

Tommy McCartney (Boyds A)*Holder*

Peter McCoy (3 Steps A)

Micko Casside (Hibs A)

@ Bellinis Borad 8.Referees:Tommy Haughey & Jim Rowland.

Keiran Pentony (Magees A)

Johnny Taylor (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

Mark Gorman (Magees A)

Tommy Haughey (Hibs B)

Noel Bradley (Hibs A)

Bernard McVerry(Hibs A)

Jamie McManus (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

Napier Boyce (Hibs A)

Jim Rowland (Hibs B)

Sean Poland (Gormans Bar M/Bridge)

DIVISION ONE:(3x501 toss coin for Darts)

1 Player to Qualify from each section in Division 1.

@ Carrickcruppen GAC Main Board. Referees:Alan McArdle & Thom Ingle.

Francie Kelly (McGuigans Bar)

Padraig Murphy (Carrickcruppen GAC)

Seamus Kane (Carrickcruppen GAC)

Tommy Loughman (Trainors Camlough)

Willy McCabe (Railway Bar)

Thom Ingle (Maddens Bar A)

Alan McArdle (Carrickcruppen GAC)

@ Maddens Bar.Referees:Gavin McFee & Brendan McAteer.

Francie O'Hare (Ballyholland INF)

Francie Cassidy (Railway Bar)

Dessie Rocks (Cwc A)

Eugene McAleavey (Maddens Bar A)

Peter Quinn (Trainors Camlough)

Brendan McAteer (Ballyholland INF)

Gavin McFee (Railway Bar)

@ McGuigans Bar Down/Stairs.Referees:Peader Mallie & Mark Daly.

Peader Mallie (McGuigans Bar)

Damien Bradley (Trainors Camlough)

Mark Daly (Railway Bar)

Steven Ling (Cwc A)

Mark Murphy (Ballyholland INF)

Mark McMahon (Railway Bar)

Sean McAlinden (Trainors Camlough)

@ Indo Floor middle Board. Referees:Martin McCelland & Darren Carroll.

Gerard O'Connell (Maddens Bar A)

Ivan O'Neill (McGuigans Bar)

Jack Beattie (Carrickcruppen GAC)

Darren Carroll (Maddens Bar A)

Martin McCelland (Railway Bar)

Tommy McArdle (1st & Last W/Point)

Ali McKay (Railway Bar)

@ Trainors Camlough Board 1 Backroom.Referees:James Haughey & Seamus Fearon.

Seamus Fearon (Ballyholland INF)

Hugh O'Hare (Ballyholland INF)

Kevin Rice (Seasiders INF B)

Mark Trainor (Trainors Camlough)

Barney McGovern (Ballyholland INF)

Ciaran Jennings (Railway Bar)

James Haughey (Trainors Camlough)

@ Carrickcruppen GAC Board 2. Referees:Roger McCullough & Mark King.

Stephen Murphy (Seasiders INF B)

Martin O'Sullivan (1st & Last W/Point)

Paul Toman (Trainors Camlough)

Jack Rafferty (1st & Last W/Point)

Roger McCullough (Trainors Camlough)

Mark King (Carrickcruppen GAC)

Daniel Carroll (Maddens Bar A)

@Trainors Camlough Board 3 Backroom. Referees:Martin McAleenan & Kevin McCann.

Jerome White (Cwc A)

Kevin McCann (Carrickcruppen GAC)

Jonny Quinn (Cwc A)

Martin McAleenan (Ballyholland INF)

Paddy McKeown (Trainors Camlough)

Ciaran Quinn (Cwc A)

Hugh Doyle (Trainors Camlough)

Gary McKeown (Cwc A)

@ McGuigans Bar Up/Stairs Board. Referees:Seamus Rice & Shane Rafferty.

Seamus Rice (Ballyholland INF)

David Doran (Trainors Camlough)

Austin Thompson (Trainors Camlough)

Gerard Poucher (Carrickcruppen GAC)

James O'Sullivan (1st & Last W/Point)

Shane Rafferty (1st & Last W/Point)

Micheal McKeown (Trainors Camlough)

DIVISION Two:(3x501 toss coin for Darts)

2 Players to Qualify from each section in Division 2. ie do not play final.

@ Armaghdown Bar.Referees: Sean Judge & Jason Maguire.

Allan McManus (Killeavy GAC)

Jimmy McMahon (Armaghdown Bar)

Sean Judge (Forkhill GFC A)

John Brannigan (Quinns Camlough)

Seamus McVerry (Bellinis)

Anthony Morgan (Magees Bar)

Jason Maguire (Armaghdown Bar)

Martin McCartney (Gap of the North)

Michael O'Hagan (Forkhill GFC A)

Keiran McFee (Armaghdown Bar)

Conor McKeown (Windmill Bar)

Kevin Thompson (Killeavy GAC)

@ Windmill Bar.Referees: Colin Boyle & Paddy McKavanagh.

Martin Carlin (Magees Bar)

Colin Boyle (Quinns Camlough)

Gerard Raynolds (Gap of the North)

John McCrink (Forkhill GFC A)

Barry Matthews (Windmill Bar)

Frank Bagnall (Glenn GAC)

Paddy McKavanagh (Windmill Bar)

Anthony Raynolds (Gap of the North)

Brian Craven (Armaghdown Bar)

Ronan Millholland (Bellinis)

Mark O'Hanlon (O'Hanlons W/Cross)

Ruairi Cunningham (Windmill Bar)

Rory Murtagh (Glenn GAC)

@ Quinns Camlough.Referees: Anna Madigan & Paddy Lavelle.

Davy Watterson (Windmill Bar)

Mal Havern (Quinns Camlough)

Leo Shannon (Forkhill GFC A)

Anna Madigan (Quinns Camlough)

Gary McGinn (O'Hanlons W/Cross)

Paul Kavanagh (Armaghdown Bar)

Robbie Irwin (Armaghdown Bar)

Michael Kavanagh (Armaghdown Bar)

Richie Carlin (Snr) (Magees Bar)

Malachy Toman (Magees Bar)

Nickey Pender (Forkhill GFC A)

Paddy Lavelle (O'Hanlons W/Cross)

@ Bellinis Board 2. Referees:Pat Quinn & Davy McCutcheon.

Sean O'Hare (Glenn GAC)

Aaron McParland (Magees Bar)

Conor Doran (O'Hanlons W/Cross)

Tony Byrne (Forkhill GFC A)

Dominic Campbell (Quinns Camlough)

Emmett Fearon (Gap of the North)

Dominic McEvoy (Killeavy GAC)

Jimmy McVerry (Bellinis)

Pat Quinn (Killeavy GAC)

Vincey Conlon (Windmill Bar)

Davy McCutcheon (Windmill Bar)

Peter Rice (Killeavy GAC)

Joey McLoughlin (Armaghdown Bar)

DIVISION THREE:(3x501 toss coin for Darts)

2 Players to Qualify from each section in Division 3. ie do not play final.

@ Cavern Bar. Referees: Oliver Mynes & Joe Byrne.

Kenny Galbrath (Cavern Bar)

David Quinn (Doyles Camlough)

Peter Magill (Slieve Gherkin)

Joe Byrne (Cavern Bar)

Oliver Mynes (Slieve Gherkin)*Holder*

Tommy McCabe (Trainors Newry)

Leroy Magennis (Hoews Bar Omeath)

Mark Byrne (Cavern Bar)

Gareth Rowntree (Slieve Gherkin)

Alvin Wallace (Port Bar)

@ Trainors Newry Main Board.Referees:Shane Copeland & Peter Johnson.

Geroid O'Reilly (Doyles Camlough)

Marty Holland (Jnr) (Trainors Newry)

Pat McCourt (Howes Bar Omeath)

Aiden McKeown (Doyles Camlough)

Damien Pentony (Trainors Newry)

Seamus Connolly (Doyles Camlough)

Cathal McCoy (Cavern Bar)

Noel Larkin (Trainors Newry)

Peter Johnson (Trainors Newry)

Shane Copeland (Cavern Bar)

@ Boyds Bar Down/Stairs.Referees:Peter Woods & Davy Brown.

Anthony Russell (Slieve Gherkin)

Peter Woods (Howes Bar Omeath)

Kyle Williamson (Port Bar)

Richie Carlon (Jnr) (Trainors Newry)

Shea Carroll (Shane O'Neills GFC)

Phillp Sterriott (Port Bar)

Niall Brown (Howes Bar Omeath)

Davy Brown (Boyds B)

Victor Henning (Boyds B)

Ciaran Loye (Howes Bar Omeath)

@ Trainors Newry Board 1.Referees: Rue Wallace & Karl Feenan.

Rue Wallace (Boyds B)

Glenn Porter (Port Bar)

Karl Feenan (Cavern Bar)

Willie Anderson (Doyles Camlough)

Alan Copeland (Cavern Bar)

Packie Walker (Howes Bar Omeath)

Martin Carroll (Trainors Newry)

Gerry Keirans (Howes Bar Omeath)

Peter Lynch (Shane O'Neills GFC)

Conor McCutcheon (Cavern Bar)

DIVISION Four:(3x501 toss coin for Darts)

2 Players to Qualify from each section in Division 4. ie do not play final.

@ Nan Rices.Referees: John Bradshaw & John Anderson.

Byran McElherron (Seasiders INF C)

Joey Magill (Cwc B)

Kieran Larkin (Dromintee GFC B)

Brian Campbell (Cwc B)

John Bradshaw (Nan Rices)

Stephen McArdle (Seasiders INF C)

Martin Fitzpatrick (Trainors Hreoes)

John Anderson (Bears)

@ Newry AOH(Hibs) Down/Stairs Board.Referees: Shane McVerry & Eddie Heaney.

Shane McVerry (Trainors Heroes)

Nobby Price (Hibs D)

Brian Coffey (Trainors Heroes)

Barry McAnulty (Nan Rices)

Eddie Heaney (Bears)

Paddy McShane (Dromintee GFC B)

Brendan Healey (Cwc B)

Brendan Fitzpatrick (Trainors Heroes)

@ Cwc.Referees: David Loughran & Aidan O'Hagan.

Mark McElherron (Seasiders INF C)

Neil Heaney (Bears)

David Loughran (Bears)

John McCartan (Nan Rices)*Holder*

Aidan O'Hagan (Cwc B)

Arthur McCafferty (Trainors Heroes)

Terry Lynch (Trainors Heroes)

Petsy Smyth (Trainors Heroes)

@Trainors Camlough Main Bar Board.Referees: Kieran Fitzpatrick & Joe McCourt.

Pat McAleavey (Hibs D)

Jacqueline McKeown (Trainors Heroes)

Kieran Fitzpatrick (Trainors Heroes)

John Daly (Dromintee GFC B)

Decky Finnegan (Trainors Heroes)

Joe McCourt (Bears)

Tommy O'Hanlon (Cwc B)

Micheal McEntee (Trainors Heroes)

It is up to the WINNER of each Section to leave the Result Sheet into the Result Box in McGuigans Bar before 5pm on the Saturday after the games are played ..