Individual Post
Post Date : Thu 11 Aug 2016 07:14 PM
Welcome to the Newly Designed Destination Newry

We welcome you to the newly designed Destination Newry website.  We have created a website that will hopefully provide the local community of Newry and surrounding areas with information on local events, classes, businesses, charities, fundraisers, jobs, local news, musicians and much much more. 

To use the website you simply follow the follwoing steps

1   Register as an individual or a group (business/charity/club/ etc) The golden rule is that if you are part of something with more than one person in it then you should register as a group.  

2   Once you have register you fill in details for your home page.  This is like a home page you would have on a website of your own and so you can provide information to help visitors learn more about your group.   

3  Post something.  For example, an indivual may post that they have lost their cat. A business may post to the category " For Sale" and then add laptops for sale so that local people can buy.  A charity may post about a local fundraising event that is happening in the local area.  These posts go to the top of the home page.  We will share some of these posts to over 14000 followers on facebook as well.  

So, thank you for visiting and we if there are any suggestions as to how we can improve this service please contact us.