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Post Date : Mon 12 Jun 2017 12:32 PM
Mickey Larkin called for an end to Reckless Driving at Jonesborough

Slieve Gullion Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Larkin has called for an end to reckless driving at Jonesborough following dramatic 

"On Sunday 4th June during the afternoon a thoughtless driver sped up and down the Edenappa Road past houses hand-breaking and doing doughnuts whilst children played outside their homes. 
"As parents ran to gather their young this driver and his co-pilot reached speeds which launched them into the air when they hit the speed ramps in the village.
"There was an attempt by the death drivers to run down a number of residents who had emerged to witness this criminal behaviour. There is a fear in the community that drink or drugs was the genesis of this attack on the village. 
"Damage was caused to cars and residents had to jump garden walls to escape the drivers.
"Immediately after this, the driver of another car rammed a PSNI vehicle whilst escaping from An Garda in Co. Louth into Co. Armagh.
Those responsible for both incidents crossed into the village from Co. Louth. 
"They are not welcome in our community. The residents of Jonesborough will not tolerate the rampages of reckless drivers like this. Children should be able to play safely on the streets of our towns and villages.
"I have spoken to both the householders affected and the PSNI in relation to these incidents. Also I have contacted my colleagues in Louth to gather a greater understanding of what is happening and to encourage increased cooperation between An Garda and the PSNI to ensure that such incidents become a rarity instead of the norm."