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Post Date : Mon 13 Nov 2017 10:27 AM
Michelle O’Neill Addressing the Edentubber 60th Anniversary Commemoration
Michelle O Neill pictured at the Edentubber Martyrs Monument with family members of those who died 60 yrs ago and Sinn Féin elected representatives from the Louth, Armagh and Newry areas. 
“It is clear that the Tory government’s priority at this time is to sustain its political pact with the DUP,” she commented.
“Theresa May and her party have acquiesced in their own self-interests to the DUP blocking the equality agenda and denying rights which are the norm in all other parts of our islands.
“Sinn Féin remains committed to the restoration of the institutions and the Executive.
“However, they only have value if they enjoy the confidence and support of the people they were established to serve.
“They only have meaning if they are delivering fairly for all our people based on the principles of equality and mutual respect on which they were founded.

“If the DUP or anyone else wish to exercise political power in Government in the North of Ireland now or in the future, then the cost is to embrace a rights-based society and equal partnership government, which works for everyone.”