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Post Date : Mon 15 Aug 2016 09:45 AM
Memorial to William Clarke outside Mullaghbawn Smashed

 Sinn Féin MP Mickey Brady has condemned an attack on a monument in South Armagh.

Referring to the memorial to William Clarke outside Mullaghbawn which was smashed at the weekend Mr Brady said the dead on all sides should be allowed to rest in peace.

"Nothing is achieved by attacking memorials," he said. 

"A number of republican monuments were attacked in Newry in the run up to the 12th of July and I would say the same thing to the people who carried out this attack as I did to the people who attacked the Newry monuments; your actions are deplorable and they serve only to stir up hurt and hate.

"I would urge anyone considering such actions to remember that all our dead, on all sides, left family and friends behind. What purpose can their possibly be in taunting already grieving families?" 

"Let the dead rest in peace, let their families live in peace and find a more constructive use for your energy."