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Post Date : Mon 19 Jun 2017 10:37 AM
Larkin Condemns Illegal Tyre Dumping, Takes Action

Slieve Gullion Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Larkin has condemned acts of environmental vandalism and dumping following a recent discovery of illegally disposed tyres at Flagstaff Viewpoint. 

Sharing his anger following a further incident of illegal dumping, Larkin said:
"Yet again the beauty of South Armagh has been desecrated by those who care nothing for the environment, or our community. 
"Approximately fifty tyres and other waste have been dumped at the Flagstaff Viewpoint. Locals and day trippers regularly visit this breathtaking viewpoint to take in our cherished vistas of Carlingford Lough.
"No doubt those who dumped these tyres have charged their customers for the
safe disposal of them. These rate payers will likely pay twice for this
service, as the Council is forced to pick up the cost of disposal. 
"At a time when the Council are spending millions to tourists from around the world to share in the majesty of South Armagh, unscrupulous polluters continue to lay waste to our area of outstanding natural beauty. Our community rejects them, and they should hang their heads in shame."
Taking action on this latest incident of illegal dumping in the Slieve Gullion area, Larkin concluded:
"I have reported this incident to the Environmental Health Department
within the Council and I hope that swift action is taken to clean up this illegal dump."