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Post Date : Thu 11 Jan 2018 09:52 AM
Karen Bradley must act to end DUP denial of rights - Fearon
Sinn Féin Equality spokesperson, Megan Fearon MLA, has said that the new British Secretary of State in the north, Karen Bradley, has a responsibility to bring the DUP's denial of basic civil and human rights to an end.
Megan Fearon said:
"For far too long the LGBTQ community in the north of Ireland have endured outright discrimination and homophobia from the DUP in government.
"This culture of disrespect is best known by the DUP's ongoing and inexcusable denial of the right to marry for gay and lesbian couples in the north of Ireland.
"One year on from Martin McGuinness' resignation to put an end to this denial of rights, the DUP remain steadfast - LGBTQ citizens should have fewer rights than others.
"This discrimination is intolerable in any modern and democratic society. 

"Karen Bradley has an obligation to make the DUP end their ongoing denial of rights, and to a position consistent with democratic and rights-based societies around the world"