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Post Date : Tue 26 Sep 2017 09:18 AM
Down Ladies Notes - 24th September 2017

Down County Board Updates 

The AGM will take place on Monday 23 October 2017, at 8 pm in the Thierafurth Inn, Kilcoo. As you are all aware we are moving into a big year ahead, with our 25 years anniversary and the Feile taking place in Down. It is important that we have all our positions filled and we look forward to new members coming on board to our committee.
Remember you are the county board, and you elect your officers, but we will be asking for more help. Please do not put a nominee on without asking the person first.
Down U15/16 Academy – BORN 2002 / 2003 ONLY 
The U15 Down academy continues next Sunday 1st October. Time:10 am-12 pm *All girls to arrive 9:50 am. Remember: only for girls born 2002/2003. Venue: Ballykinler GAC. Please note change of day for this week only. This is Due to u16 club championship games on Saturday. Please bring outstanding registration forms/money. along with water bottle. Ulster U15 blitz will be held on Saturday 28th October. 
Down U13 Academy - BORN 2004 ONLY
The U13 Academy continued on Friday evening at St Colman’s College with a good turnout as usual from girls throughout the county. The next Academy will take place next Sunday morning, 1st October, due to U16 championship games on Saturday afternoon with times and venue to be confirmed. All girls are asked to wear their club jerseys. 
Down U12 Academy - BORN 2005 ONLY
The U12 Academy will continue on Sunday 1st October – please see Facebook for further confirmed details during the week. 
Keep up to date with fixtures via the website and social media. 
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