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Post Date : Fri 09 Feb 2018 12:14 PM
Councillor Highlights Railway Bridge Fears
Slieve Gullion area Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Larkin has confirmed that he has raised concerns about the condition of Kilnasaggart Bridge with NI Railways.
The local Councillor explained,
" For the second time in twelve months I have had to contact NI Railways regarding an issue at Kilnasaggart bridge, Jonesborough. On both occasions sheets of hardboard/plywood have become loose and hang precariously beneath the bridge. Used during the construction of the bridge the sheets have become rotten through time and are loosened by the passing of trains. They hang dangerously above the road and could cause damage to vehicles and injury to those passing beneath. I contacted NI Railways last year in relation to the problem and they acted quickly to remove those sheets which had come loose. However, a similar situation has occurred and I am concerned that this will continue even if the current problem is solved".
The Sinn Féin elected representative concluded 

"I have once again contacted NI Railways and requested that they inspect the bridge and put in place procedures to ensure the dangers are managed and negated. With numerous bridges along this mainline I enquired whether regular inspections were carried out to maintain safety standards. Staff assured me that inspections were often, rigorous and extensive. They pointed out that the construction method for this bridge was not replicated at all bridges along the line and that they would act upon my report. Contractors will be on site this week to remove the sheets and inspect those remaining. In the meantime, I would ask that road users are aware of the situation until the possible danger is removed."