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Down County Board Updates 

Well done to the coaches and goalkeepers who attended the Coaching the Keeper Workshop on Thursday 25th May in Saval GAC. Many thanks to Saval GAC for providing facilities. 
The next County Board meeting will take place on Monday 12th May 2017, at 8pm in the Thierafurth Inn, Kilcoo. 
Down Senior Ladies County Team 
The Ladies next game is the Final of the Ulster Championship on Friday 30th June 2017 at 7pm, venue Clonmore, Armagh. #MourneLadiesRising 
Down U15 Ladies Development Team
The girls continue their preparations for Ulster Final with a training session on Sunday 28th May at RGU Downpatrick. Last training session will be Wednesday evening at Annsborough. Ulster final will be played at Musgrave Park, Belfast at 2pm. Good luck to all the girls who have worked hard throughout the season.
Down U10 Blitz – Saturday 3rd June 10am-12noon
The County Board has confirmed venues for the LGFA U10 Blitz: Castlewellan (Mid / South Down) and Dundrum (East Down). Clubs must confirm the following: 
  • Attendance Y/N
  • If yes which Venue
  • Number of expected players attending
Please note that clubs are free to use school age if they need to make up team numbers, allowing girls up to P6 to attend. Games will be (numbers permitting), 9 a side and for clubs with smaller numbers this can be reduced to 7 aside or as low as 5 aside to accommodate. Entries will be taken until midnight of Wednesday 31st May 2017. Emails confirming the above information if attending should be sent to
Club Fixtures 
Tuesday 30th May – 7:30pm 
Intermediate League 
Bosco v Saul 
Wednesday 31st May – 7:00pm 
Under 12 East 
Bryansford v Dundrum 
Bredagh v Carryduff 
Saul v Downpatrick 
Under 12 Mid 
Kilcoo v Saval 
Castlewellan v Carryduff B 
Under 12 South 
Annaclone v Cumann Pheadair Naofa 
Burren v Mayobridge 
St Michaels Magheralin v Bosco 
Thursday 1st June – 7:30pm 
Junior League 
Loughinisland v Teconnaught 
Saturday 3rd June – 7:00pm 
Senior League 
Bredagh v Carryduff 
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Folks our annual club draw is back and bigger than ever before. This year offers hugely increased prizes on each of the 3 draw nights.

The star prize this year is an incredible £5000, while other highlights include Caribbean and Mediterranean holidays, a fabulous home makeover, various home improvement appliances, 20 huge cash prizes, plus much, much more. 
We would like to invite all our loyal members, supporters and friends to please support us by purchasing a ticket for our Annual Draw. Every penny is spent on our juvenile and adult teams across all four codes, and in the continual development of our facilities. 
Tickets are £25 a month for 3 months (£75 total) and are available from all committee and club members! Or for our friends overseas or anyone who would prefer to buy online you can pay it all in one go or in three instalments at the two links below. #UTT
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 PSNI use latest technology to combat crime and monitor Peregrine sites across Northern Ireland

The PSNI are using the latest technology to help prevent and combat wildlife crime. Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA), more commonly known as drones, have been used recently to monitor ‘hot-spot’ areas where crimes against birds of prey are occurring. This supports the work of officers in the districts, who investigate all instances of wildlife crime. 
D/Inspector Stephen Brown said, “The PSNI’s Air Support Unit (ASU) provides aircraft to support a wide range of police activities throughout the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and as far as we are aware, the Police Service of Northern Ireland is thought to be one of the first Police Services in the UK to use this technology in this way. We are pleased to be able to effectively target hotspot areas and areas further afield as and when required so we can work with our partners in the hope that we can all prevent this type of crime and reach our ultimate goal to combat wildlife crime.” 
Emma Meredith, PSNI Wildlife Liaison Officer, said; “The Police Service of Northern Ireland take all types of crimes seriously and this includes wildlife crime such as shooting, poisoning or trapping of birds of prey.  On occasions, baits (examples such as a rabbit carcass or sausages) have been laid laced with poison in the public domain. On occasions these are seriously dangerous poisons such as Carbofuran which was banned across the EU in 2001. 
Be under no illusion that this type of poison (Carbofuran) is an indiscriminate killer and can also be fatal to humans, not only wildlife suffers but also any child, adult or pet could find and ultimately consume these poisoned baits.  
Given the potential dangers of this and other poisons, for the first time PSNI have begun to use the PSNI drones fitted with specialist cameras to assist in prevention and if possible catching the perpetrators, who if caught will be reported to the Public Prosecution Service.   I would also ask if anyone find what they suspect to be a poisoned bait or suspicious dead bird to leave it in situ and call the police on 101. 
This is the first time in NI the drone has been used in wildlife crime and we are delighted the wildlife team, air support unit and external partners are working closely together to pilot this initiative.
Following on from the launch of Operation Raptor in March 2016, PSNI also contribute to a UK initiative named ‘Peregrine Watch’ and as part of this latest phase, we are using these drones. The ability to survey hard to reach areas mean that there is no hiding place for those who seek to persecute wild birds.”
The Northern Ireland Raptor Study Group (NIRSG) peregrine survey team who have been out monitoring with PSNI officers have welcomed the initiative saying; “We welcome the fantastic cutting-edge PSNI initiative using this technology locally especially since we lose a number of peregrines each year, particularly to illegal poisoning or shooting and trapping. The NIRSG volunteers are again spending time with local PSNI officers this year surveying peregrine sites, ringing chicks and liaising with landowners in order to raise the profile and prevent crimes against these birds. As always we would urge anybody who notices any suspicious activity particularly near quarries or cliffs to report these to the PSNI to help thwart these wildlife criminals”.
Dr. Jon Lees, Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) Wildlife Officer, said, “In Northern Ireland all nesting birds, their eggs and dependent young are protected by law from disturbance and destruction.  Peregrines have increased in numbers since historic lows of the 1950-60’s caused by organochloride pesticides, egg collectors and persecution, however they are still often targeted by those wanting to reduce their abundance, but can also be disturbed to the point of nest abandonment by people who just want closer look or a photograph.  
Any lawful operation that potentially impacts a protected species must be assessed by the NIEA.  We may subsequently require the operator(s) to apply for a licence to conduct their business by a strict set of conditions or defer their activities to a less sensitive period.  The NIEA have been working closely with the PSNI ASU, wildlife team and NIRSG to establish a safe working protocol to ensure that the Operation Raptor monitoring causes no harm.  We would caution members of the public to avoid disturbing protected wildlife while flying drones or when taking photographs.  Operators should contact the NIEA Wildlife Team 028 905 69551 for further advice”.  
According to a report into the illegal killing of Northern Ireland’s native birds of prey, published by the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime in November 2016, there were nine confirmed illegal poisoning or persecution incidents, affecting 11 protected birds of prey, in Northern Ireland in 2014. This report follows on from the 2009 – 2013 Persecution Report published in 2015. Between 2009 and 2014 there are now a total of 44 confirmed reports of native birds of prey being illegally killed, plus one confirmed incident of illegal nest destruction. The report examined occurrence and trends in persecution of these birds, which has allowed PAW to produce ‘hot-spot’ maps to identify areas where crimes against birds of prey are occurring. Of the nine confirmed cases in 2014, four of these occurred in County Down, two in County Tyrone and one in each of counties Londonderry, Armagh and Antrim. The report showed that the most frequent casualties were buzzards and the recently re-introduced red kite, with four of each of these species killed. Red kites and buzzards are particularly susceptible to poisoned baits as they will scavenge on carrion routinely. There were also two peregrine falcons and a sparrowhawk killed.
The PSNI take all reports of wildlife crime seriously and as such if we receive a report linked to Peregrine Watch we will respond accordingly.  If anyone has information on any type of crime against birds of prey please contact 101. 
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 Down County Board Updates 

Coaching the Keeper Workshop, Thursday 25th May, Saval GAC 7.30pm – 10.00pm Cost: £10 per person, Clothing: tracksuit & runners required, Refreshments will be provided Ladies Gaelic Football Coaches and Goalkeepers are welcome to attend, please note spaces are limited. A maximum of 6 Goalkeepers are required for the practical element and 25 coaches. To book your space on a first come, first served basis please contact Aine McClean on or 07519562798.
Well done to all the Down coaches who took part in the final day of the Ladies Level 1 on Saturday 20th May in St. Johns GAC, Drumnaquoile. Special thanks to the U15 girls who facilitated the practical session, St John GAC for facilitating and Maureen Ward for catering! 
Down Senior Ladies County Team 
The Ladies next game is the Final of the Ulster Championship on Friday 30th June 2017 at 7pm, venue Clonmore, Armagh. #MourneLadiesRising 
Down U15 Ladies Development Team
Preparation for the Ulster final continues with training on Sunday 28th May from 11-12.30pm, venue will be confirmed through the WhatsApp group. Well done to the girls and mentors who completed the Warrenpoint 10k walk on Sunday 21st May supporting the KBRT and Hospice. Well done everyone! 
Down U13 Ladies County Development Team 
The U13 girls had an end of season fun afternoon of trampolining followed by a meal at Jump Boxx, Banbridge on Saturday 20th May after all their hard work since January. The Mentors thank all the girls for their efforts and wish them all the best of luck with their clubs throughout the Summer.
Post Date : Wed 17 May 2017 09:24 AM
The Police Service of Northern Ireland has today (Wednesday 17 May) published its annual crime statistics for 2016/17 which show crime figures are at their lowest level since the series commenced almost 20 years ago.
In 2016/17, there were 98,076 crimes recorded by the PSNI, a drop of 6.6%, 105,023 crimes, on the previous year and the lowest number recorded since 1998/99.
Commenting on the statistics, Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris said: “The PSNI is committed to keeping people safe and we welcome the fact there has been a decrease in the number of crimes recorded.
“These figures show a snapshot of crime types we are dealing with but it is also important to acknowledge that although the statistics show the number of traditional crimes recorded has fallen, demand on policing is increasing and becoming more complex as traditional crime has given way to those less visible, more complex crimes such as public protection offending and cyber-crime.
Overall 16% of policing demand is linked to crime as around 80% of calls for service relate to public safety and welfare including incidents involving vulnerability, missing people and child protection.”
Of note, the statistics show there were 28 victims resulting from paramilitary style shootings in 2016/17, double the number recorded in the previous year. There was also an increase in the number of casualties of paramilitary style assaults, from 58 last year to 66 over the same period this year.
Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris added: “I acknowledge the increase in the number of victims as a result of paramilitary style attacks and would reassure local communities that we are continuing to focus on these crimes. The PSNI is working hard to bring those responsible for these types of crimes before the courts however we also need the support from the public in providing us with the information we need to bring the perpetrators to justice.”
There were 29,166 incidents with a domestic abuse motivation in 2016/17, an increase of 2.7%, 774 incidents, and the highest level recorded since the series commenced. However, the number of crimes with a domestic abuse motivation fell by 140 offences, 1%, from 14,073 in 2015/16 to 13,933 in 2016/17.
Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris said: “Whilst the number of crimes with a domestic motivation fell, the number of incidents with a domestic abuse motivation rose and I would continue to encourage anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse to come forward and report it to police.”
The PSNI statistics are available on the website: 
Further details in relation to these statistics are available at: 


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 Police in Newry, investigating an attempted robbery at Buttercrane Quay on Sunday 14th May, have charged a 22 year old man with a number of offences including attempted robbery, possession of an offensive weapon with intent to commit an indictable offence and assault on police. He is due to appear at Newry MC on Monday 15th May. As is normal procedure all charges are reviewed by the PPS.

Post Date : Fri 12 May 2017 08:59 AM
A series of Easy Read resources focusing on, AAA screening, Menopause and Know Your Prostate have been launched for adults with a learning disability across Northern Ireland.
The publications, funded by the Health and Social Care Board were developed in ‘Easy Read’ format which means more people with learning disabilities can access information more easily.  
The AAA (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm) screening publication is targeted at men over 65 years providing detail about scanning inside your tummy to check for swelling in blood vessels from your heart to your tummy. ‘Women’ keep healthy during the menopause and ‘Men’ know your prostate booklets have also been developed due to a lack of ‘easy to understand’ information on these health topics for adults with a learning disability. 
Launching the new resources Valerie Watts, Chief Executive of the Health and Social Care Board and Interim Chief Executive of the Public Health Agency explained: 
“These new resources will ensure that everyone is able to access and understand information that affects their everyday lives, including people with learning disability. Information that is easier to understand helps people to make better choices on important issues such as healthcare.” 
“We have also produced a DVD promoting annual health checks for those with a learning disability. The Annual Health Check is a chance for the person to get used to going to their GP practice, which reduces their fear of going at other times. 
“Regular health checks for people with learning disabilities often uncover treatable health conditions. Most of these are simple to treat and make the person feel better, while sometimes serious illnesses such as cancer are found at an early stage when they can be treated.
“I am committed to ensuring ongoing progress in this area continues to provide better and improved experiences and access to health services for people with learning disabilities,” she said.
Service User Declan Armstrong also spoke at the launch highlighting that he was diagnosed with type 11 Diabetes following his health check. He now attends diabetic nurse in his GP practice regularly and gets his bloods, weight and eyes monitored.
Speaking at the launch, Bryce McMurray, Acting Director of Mental Health and Disability Services for the Southern Health and Social Care Trust who developed the resources said:

“In the Southern Trust we want to ensure that having a learning disability does not prevent our service users from accessing the same health and social care services as the wider population. I would like to commend our learning disability health facilitators who have shown such dedication to improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of our services users in developing these fantastic resources and we are absolutely delighted to share these with the rest of the region. I encourage all service users and their families to avail of the Easy Read resources and the support offered by our health facilitators to help them access the services they need to ensure the best possible quality of life.” 

Post Date : Thu 11 May 2017 08:39 AM

Police are investigating a burglary at a house at Tullyframe Road in Kilkeel on Monday 8th May.

Entry was gained to the property sometime between 5.15pm and 9.15pm. The house was ransacked and a sum of money was reported stolen.
Detectives would ask anyone who noticed any suspicious activity in the area or who has any information to contact them at Ardmore on 101 quoting reference number 1379 08/05/17 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
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Down Senior Ladies County Team 
The Ladies next game is the Final of the Ulster Championship on Friday 30th June 2017 at 7pm, venue Silverbridge GAC, Armagh. #MourneLadiesRising 
Down U15 Ladies Development Team
U15 girls continue their preparations for Ulster semi-final away to Antrim this weekend, which will take place on Sunday 14th May at 12.30pm in Musgrave, Belfast. Training session on Friday 12th May at 7.30pm in Saval GAC. Good luck to the U15 girls in their quest to continue with their impressive campaign, please try and get out to support the girls this weekend! 
Down U14 Ladies County Team 
The U14 team played their final Ulster championship against Tyrone on Saturday. The result was disappointing with Tyrone getting a much better start to the game and maintaining that advantage throughout the match. Next Saturday the u14 panel travel to Portlaoise to take part in the All Ireland Blitz competition. This has always been a very enjoyable day and provides the opportunity to play against different Counties from outside of Ulster. The mentors would like to thank all the players, parents and clubs for their commitment and support this year at U14 level. 
Down U13 Ladies County Development Team 
Down U13 girls played their last Ulster league game against near neighbours Armagh in RGU Downpatrick on Saturday afternoon, in wonderful conditions. Down lost the toss and had to face a stiff breeze in the first half. The girls rushed into an early lead with well taken goals from Caroline Kennedy and Niamh King, before the visitors settled into the game picking off a few points with the wind at their backs. Jenna McMahon and Erin Byrne were having a real battle with their opposite numbers at mid-field with no quarter asked or given. This allowed Down to break forward on occasions to pick off three points and two further goals from the inside players of Caroline and Niamh. with the Orchard county securing two goals also before the break. Ciara McCullough, Anna Mulholland and Lily McKee in the half-forward line were proving a very effective link when going forward. However, the Down backs swept up a lot of ball with Enya Quinn acting as a very effective sweeper assisting our secure full back and captain today, Shauna O’Higgins and centre-half back Aoife Doyle both of whom were having a serious battle with their markers. Down went in at the break three points up leading 4-3 to 2-6. The second half started off in the same vein as the first with the game proving tight. Down scored a point first through Caroline before Armagh picked off another point and followed it up quickly with a well taken goal to level matters, after 12 minutes. At this stage, Nora Maguire in nets was keeping Down in it with a solid pair of hands and super kick-outs down the wings. The corner backs of Una Fearon and Sinead Scullion and wing half backs Ellen Shields and Caoimhe McKeown were working very hard at this stage to break up the Armagh attacks, with the support of Aoife and Shauna. After a sensible water break from the referee, the girls pushed on with further scores from Caroline and Niamh as a result of excellent balls being put in from our midfielders and half backs, with great support from our half forward line. Una Fearon was putting in a serious shift at this stage with some powerful solo runs down the wing and delivering some great balls to the forwards. The introduction of Caoimhe Quinn also helped to shut down any chance of a comeback by the visitors, as Down powered forward with the introduction of Eveagh Kelly and Aoibhin Dougan who freshened it up to stretch the Armagh defence further. The final goal for the Red and Blacks came from Anna Mulholland which was a great reward for her efforts today. Down ran out winners on a scoreline of 7-8 to 3-7, as a result of a late surge. This was a hard -working powerful performance today. The Mentors would also like to acknowledge the efforts all season of all the other girls on this excellent squad, who made valuable contributions in other games this year, namely Ellie Carr, Emily Fitzpatrick, Lauren Devlin, Ciara McEvoy Ireland, Neva Louden, Orlaith Lynch, Colleen McClean, Maeve Haigney, Rihanna Wojcieszak, Katie Convie, Rhian Boal, Sorcha McCullagh, Ellen McKay, Emily Magee, Aoife Trainor and the currently injured Rosie McCann. Best wishes Rosie!
Thank you to all the parents for their support and supply of refreshments when requested, and providing lifts to training and matches throughout the season. Thanks also to RGU Downpatrick for the use of their facilities today.
Big thanks also to our main sponsors Vanilla Restaurant and Strangford Fuels and all those who made sizeable financial contributions to support the girls. A fun day is planned for Saturday 20th May, with a possible friendly game still being looked at for next Saturday, if there is another County squad available to play.
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 Craobh Rua Camlocha Hurling Club held a successful and highly enjoyable  Sunday Afternoon Tea & Fashion Show Fundraising event last Sunday. 

The Club would like to thank Sonia O Reilly Event Coordinator and all involved.
Pictured with Fashion Show MC Pat McGinn are Under 16 hurlers and the "Catwalk" team who on the day accompanied the models showing their fashions, Ryan Shortt, Fionn Mc Cann, Cormac Murphy, Niall McGinn, Tom  Trainor, Sean Mc Verry, Eoin Hughes